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How To Put On A Dog Harness - Measure, Put On and Adjust 2021

How To Put On A Dog Harness - Measure, Put On and Adjust 2021

If you own a dog, their comfort and safety is paramount. For many, their dog is like a family member. So when it comes to choosing the best dog harness for your furry friend, you want to be sure that you're not just getting the right one but also one that fits your dog properly.

Many are concerned with their dogs tugging and pulling; especially those of you with puppies. The right harness and training can help eliminate this behavior quickly and humanely. If tugging, pulling and choking are concerns for you, you're in the right place.

In the video above, I review how to properly measure your dog for a dog harness. After that, I go over how to properly put on and fit your dog harness on your dog. Proper fit is critical for your dog's comfort and safety.

If you're interested in the harness seen in the video, here's the link to learn more about it and purchase:

Remember, a well trained dog makes for a happy dog and happy owner. The right equipment and training will help get you there. 

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