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Knife Attacks On Police Officers Are On The Rise... Are You Prepared?

Knife Attacks On Police Officers Are On The Rise... Are You Prepared?

Today, more than ever, Police Officers across the country and around the world are facing off against subjects armed with knives and edged weapons. Many times these attacks happen suddenly, taking the officer by surprise. In others, the officer responds to a call for a subject with a knife and is tasked with de-escalating the situation and ultimately disarming the subject.

Having served 13 years as a Police Officer, I personally had to deal with multiple calls for subjects armed with some sort of edged weapon. Dealing with a subject armed with a knife is never easy. More often than not you're dealing with someone with some form of mental illness or who is under the influence of intoxicating liquor and/or drugs. 

Most Police Officers on patrol carry and/or wear gloves when on calls of this nature. However, these gloves are typically just regular black tactical gloves that offer no protection against knives, blades or edged weapons. Therefore, should the subject within striking distance, using your hands to block the weapon or even attempt to disarm the subject of the weapon would be a very bad idea. 

Many of the gloves Police Officers wear surely "look" cool and might even have a "tactical" sounding name. But in the end, if that's where their value ends and they offer no cut resistant protection, are they really going to help you at all when things hit the fan?

221B Tactical has become the leader in producing the best cut resistant gloves in recent years. This is no accident as we've been committed to the safety and security of first responders around the world. And today, countless in the private sector are choosing 221B Tactical gloves to take care of their hand protection needs. Whether it's for industrial work, technical work or even heavy duty construction and demolition, 221B has become the trusted source for those seeking the best and serious protection for their hands.

There's no such things and 100% cut proof gloves. However, with EN388 Level 5 cut protection featured in all of our gloves, you can rest assured that you at least have some degree of protection on your hands against knives, blades and edged weapons. This surely beats having no protection on your hands or wearing gloves that offer no cut resistance.

Threats are everywhere these days. You never know when you'll get dispatched to that call that could forever change your life. Give yourself the protection and safety you deserve. That's precisely what our line of full dexterity, cut resistant tactical and industrial work gloves were made for.

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Suresh Madhavan is Founder and CEO of New York based 221B Tactical. He spent 13 years as a full time Police Officer during which time he invented The Maxx-Dri Vest for Body Armor Ventilation; now used by hundreds of thousands around the world. He is a certified firearms instructor that, since leaving police work, has been fortunate enough to continue his training with Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Army Rangers and many other Tier 1 Operators. Suresh has been featured on numerous podcasts, most notably Cleared Hot with Andy Stumpf. His book documenting his experience as a police officer and the many crazy things he witnessed on patrol and inside his own agency will be published in the coming year. 
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