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🐕 Sheepdogs Helping Other Sheepdogs 👮🏼

🐕 Sheepdogs Helping Other Sheepdogs 👮🏼

At 221B Tactical we’re all about helping first responders taking care of themselves in order to take care of others.  
It’s like when you watch flight attendants demonstrate oxygen masks’ usage on an airplane and hearing them say:
“Always take care to adjust your own mask first before helping others.”
Well, it’s the same with first responders.
Without effective gear to keep safe - eg. Cut-Resistant and Needle-Resistant gloves, Maxx-Dri Vest for Body Armor Ventilation, Equinoxx Thermal Base layers - how can a first responder expect to do his or her job of taking care of the people they’ve sworn to protect and serve effectively?
Too often we see LEOs totally oblivious to innovations available in the market which could benefit them tremendously ………..
………………  If only they knew those products existed in the first place!
Sound familiar?  Might this even be you at times? 
At 221B Tactical we’re always after helping the Sheepdog Community with everything we design. 

Did you know about its Brand Ambassador Program?
This was conceived and designed about “Sheepdog helping other Sheepdogs”.  
After all, there’s nothing like word-of-mouth referrals coming from people you trust, right? 
We’d like to ask your help!

If you’re highly satisfied with your own 221B Tactical gear, would you please consider spreading the word about your 221B experience with your fellow Sheepdogs? 

One way to start is to consider becoming a 221B Brand Ambassador yourself!

Click here to learn more about it.  There are lots of exciting opportunities already in place.  And ….  we’re always learning and trying new ways to help LEOs to become more comfortable and safe by using 221B gear.  As a Brand Ambassador you can support your co-workers by offering your direct input to 221B when it comes to new product ideas based upon YOUR OWN personal experience and knowledge. 

At 221B we treat our customers and followers as family!  We are dedicated to doing everything in our power to helping them stay safe-and-sound while on the job.
Consider becoming a 221B Brand Ambassador today!
Your help will demonstrate how you care not only for yourselves, but for others.
If interested please contact us at -

Thank you!

Most sincerely,
Brad Pedell
Director of Sales
221B Tactical
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