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Tactical Bags - Part 1: What Is A “Tactical” Bag and Why Do You Need One?

Tactical Bags - Part 1: What Is A “Tactical” Bag and Why Do You Need One?

Over the years, the word “tactical” has gone down the same road as the word “organic.” We see it everywhere and many companies plaster it all over their ads and marketing campaigns. But what, exactly, does it mean when something like a bag is labeled “tactical?” Let’s start with the definition of the word “tactical.”


Relating to or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific military end.

(of a person or their actions) showing adroit planning; aiming at an end beyond the immediate action.

You’re probably not in the military right now, but a civilian. Your “military end” or “end beyond the immediate action” is to keep safe, to keep alive. So the “tactical” gear you use should assist you to this end.

The foundation of every piece of gear and apparel developed by 221B Tactical is to help keep you alive. This includes our bags and packs. We “carefully plan” every detail and function of the bags to help you gain a “strategic advantage” in a multitude of scenarios to help increase your chances of survival.

Click here to see one of our bags in action.

How can a bag help keep you alive? For starters, all of our bags are designed to carry body armor panels. It goes without saying how this may save your life. But it doesn’t end there. You see, after 13 years of working in law enforcement and over 20 years of tactical training with some of the best in the world, I learned that simple things like having multiple ways to carry a bag or strategically placed pockets and compartments for immediate access and organization can help increase your overall efficiency. And when you’re efficient, you’re smoother. And as many of you know, slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

One of the things people say the most about our bags when using them is, “oh…now that’s smart.” Or, “wow…that makes sense.” Little features that make big differences. And these big differences are what keep you ready and prepared. Being ready and prepared is what helps keep you alive.

With a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, you can also rest assured that you have an A+ rated company standing behind your purchase. That’s the trust and confidence you deserve.



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