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Tactical Bags - Part 2:

Tactical Bags - Part 2: What You Need In Your Vehicle Bug-Out Bag

Part 2: What You Need In Your Vehicle Bug-Out Bag

A tactical go bag, also known as a bug out bag, is an essential tool for anyone serious about being prepared for unexpected events or emergencies. Ever since becoming a Police Officer and seeing, first hand, how most people are not prepared at all for various emergencies and events, I’ve made it a point to always have a tactical bug out bag in every one of my vehicles.

So what’s actually in my vehicle emergency bug out bag? It is filled with emergency supplies that I can quickly access in case of an emergency.

Having a tactical go bag in my vehicle at all times means that I can be ready for any situation at any time. Why should you have one? Whether it's a natural disaster like an earthquake, flood, or hurricane, or a man-made disaster like a serious motor vehicle crash, terrorist attack or civil unrest, you can be confident that you have all the essential supplies you need to deal with the situation and/or survive for several days if need be.

Best Vehicle Bug Out Bag Tactical 2023

The contents of a tactical go bag can vary depending on personal preference and the situation at hand. However, some critical items that should be included in any tactical go bag are listed below. These are just some of the basics in my vehicle go bags.

1. Water: Water is one of the most important items in any emergency situation. You should carry a minimum of one gallon of water per person per day.

2. Food: Non-perishable food that is high in calories and with a long shelf life should be included. Consider foods like canned goods, peanut butter, energy bars, and jerky.

3. First Aid Kit: A comprehensive first aid kit should be included that includes items like bandages, antiseptic solutions, and medication.

4. Personal Hygiene: This can include items like toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, and a towel.

5. Shelter: You should carry items like a tent, sleeping bag, and/or blankets.

6. Navigation: A map and compass or GPS device will help you navigate in case you need to leave your current location.

7. Self Defense: A tactical go bag can also contain self-defense items such as pepper spray or a knife.

8. Communication: A portable radio or two-way communication device should be included so that you can stay in contact with help or other parties.

9. Multi-Tool: A multi-tool that includes pliers, a knife, can openers, and screwdrivers can be very useful in an emergency.

10. Extra Clothing: You should include an extra set of clothing in case your current clothing becomes wet or damaged.

11. Flares: Flares are essential in the event of a breakdown, flat tire or various other roadway scenarios. They are also useful when trying to alert others to your location.

12. Rope: There are endless uses to rope when it comes to various situations. A 50' length of rope is more than enough.

13. Duct Tape: It goes without saying, duct tape can save the day in a multitude of scenarios

14. Axe: A small axe isn't just good for chopping wood. It can be used for various projects and tasks.

15, Shovel: A small shovel can come in handy in so many different ways. I prefer the folding variety to save room.

These are just a few suggestions based on what I have in my personal vehicle go bags. Having a tactical go bag in your vehicle can give you the peace of mind that you will be prepared for most any situation. Remember to periodically check and update the contents of your bag to ensure that everything is in good condition and up to date.

A tactical go bag is critical and essential for anyone who wants to be ready for any emergency or situation. And it is worth the time and energy to invest in one.



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