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Tactical Bags - Part 3:

Tactical Bags - Part 3: What You Need When You Need To Move Fast

If a hurricane, tornado or earthquake struck tomorrow, destroying homes and taking out utilities like electric, gas and water...are you prepared? If civil unrest erupts and rioters and looters rampage out from the cities and end up in front of your house...are you prepared? If the next widespread national/global heath threat unleashes (Covid, monkey pox, killer hornets, etc.)...are you prepared? 

With various calamities and disasters happening now more than ever before and crime and lawlessness on the rise, home security and emergency preparedness are critical aspects of modern-day living. I recommend three preparedness components, or tools, that will help you and your family cope in the best possible way with such crisis and possibly save your life:

1, An Emergency Kit

2. A Tactical Defense Plan

3. A Bug-Out-Bag

I personally have all three of these tools in place. I’ve prepared them based on my more than two decades of experience and training with some of the most trusted experts in the field of emergency preparedness and home defense. And I will share them with you. 

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My Emergency Kit

My emergency kit is packed with essential items that can aid survival in the aforementioned incidents. It contains basic supplies like food, water, medicine, first-aid kit, flashlight, matches, candles, and a radio. It is also essential to have blankets and warm clothing in case there is no power during a cold season (depending on where you live).

Your emergency kit should be periodically updated to ensure everything is still in good condition and up-to-date. For example, I put reminders in my phone every 90 days to just peek in and make sure nothing is expired or out of date and to add/remove items based on the season and time of year. It literally takes me 60 seconds and gives me the piece of mind that if anything happens, everything in there will be sound and ready to go. Did you know? bottled water has a shelf life of only two years.

My Tactical Defense Plan

My tactical defense plan involves being prepared to protect myself, family, and property in times of danger. It is absolutely crucial to have a tactical defense kit and plan in place in today's world. This plan may involve having security alarms, upgraded locks, surveillance systems, and a self defense weapon such as a firearm. Most importantly, you need to have knowledge and skills on how to handle and use your firearm in case of an attack. I alway stress training because the more comfortable and proficient you are with your firearm, the higher the chances of success and survival in the event you need to use it.

In addition to firearms, many households today have body armor at the ready for the entire family. I do. This is something I highly recommend whether you own a firearm or not. There are many scenarios in which you may need to pass through hostile territory with armed aggressors. Heck, it could even be an armed mob of thugs and rioters at the end of your street. Body armor will give you and your family that added layer of protection to help get you through a multitude of emergent situations in and out of your home.

So what's a tactical defense plan? Well, it's simply a plan that outlines what steps you will specifically take in the event of various emergent situations. This includes a plan of action should intruders enter your home. It should also include an escape route and meet-up location in the event of a home invasion, structure fire or any other event which forces you to evacuate your home.

My personal plan includes what to do and where to go in the event someone is attempting to gain access to my home. Additionally, it includes escape routes to exit the home at various locations as well as routes to meet-up areas once out of the home. Basic planning and strategizing can make the world of a difference during emergent situations.

My Bug-Out-Bag

A bug-out bag is also essential for emergency preparedness. This bag is strictly for emergency situations in which time is of the essence and you need to get out of your home fast. Note: Mine is all housed in a trunk within my home and contains various pre-packed bags and packs. Your bug-out-bag should be filled with everything you'll need for short term survival should you need to evacuate fast and don't have time to pack. It should include essentials like food, water, clothing, first-aid kit, medication, survival tools (e.g. knife, rope, axe, shovel, flares, radios, duct tape, etc), body armor and firearms and ammo (when permitted).

When evacuating your home, if possible, I also recommend taking documents like passports, birth certificates and insurance policies with you. I recommend you also have cash stored with these documents that you take with you as well. In many emergent situations where power, phone/cable lines and internet is down, cash may be your only means of acquiring needed goods and materials

All of these items should be stored in a fireproof box within your home anyway. So taking the entire box with you should not be a problem (mine is about the size of a briefcase). You should also consider having maps and a fully charged portable power source to power your phone, radios and other electronics. Keep a few of the required charging cables and blocks with this as well.

In conclusion, being ready for any disaster or crisis may prove critical to your survival. And being prepared with an emergency kit, a tactical defense plan, and a bug-out bag can greatly increase your chances of survival. Remember to maintain and update your emergency kit regularly. Train and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills you need to execute the tactical defense plan. Review the plan and conduct semi-annual training with your family. And always have your bug-out bag ready to go at a moment's notice. When the event occurs, you will not have time to make a plan.

Make a plan and prepare your kit today to increase your chances of survival tomorrow. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.



P.S. For a sneak peek at my favorite tactical bags, click HERE.

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