The Top 5 At Home Exercises You Should Be Doing Every Day On Quarantine For The COVID-19 Coronavirus

There are two types of people in this world. Those who will come out of this quarantine a complete mess. And those w...

When Is The Best Time of Day To Workout?

Part 1 What is the best time of day to workout? For Police Officers and First Responders working shift work, is it b...

I did 90 squats a day for 90 days. You won't believe what happened...

It's no secret that squats are a phenomenal exercise to burn fat, lose (bad) weight, gain lean muscle mass and increa...

The secret to losing weight without extreme exercise

Losing weight without exercise isn't impossible. If you claim that you simply don’t have time to exercise (which what...

Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus accomplished what was deemed by many in his time as IMPOSSIBLE when he discovered what is now k...
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