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The secret to losing weight without extreme exercise

The secret to losing weight without extreme exercise

It's no secret that losing weight is more about diet and less about exercise. Now, is exercise important, valuable and beneficial to reach your weight-loss goals? Of course. Do I highly recommed it? YES. Is it absolutely necessary? No.

There are a few types of people out there. There are the ones that don’t exercise at all and eat like garbage.

There are the ones that exercise regularly but eat like garbage because they feel they can since they exercise regularly.

There are the ones that exercise regularly AND eat clean.

And finally there are the ones that eat clean but don’t exercise at all.

Which are you?

If you claim that you simply don’t have time to exercise (which what you are REALLY saying is that it’s not a priority) then you’re only left with changing your diet if you’re looking to lose weight. And you can do it...if you’re dedicated.

When people ask how I stay in the shape I’m in they are almost always shocked to hear “it’s all about the diet.” They swear I spend hours in the gym every day. The truth is, I’m never in the gym for more than an hour. And that’s not even my secret to staying lean. It’s what I do OUTSIDE of the gym that matters most.

Years ago I made the decision to cut bread, pasta and refined sugars out of my diet. Was it difficult at first? Yes. Was how I felt after just 1 week worth it? Hell yes! I instantly started seeing body fat melt away. My sleep improved as did my mood and energy throughout the day.

I don't care who you are; when you feel good about the way you look in the mirror you are generally in a better mood. So yes...looking good can and does translate to feeling good.

So what's my diet look like? And how has it helped me melt away body fat, stay lean, improve my sleep, improve my overall mood and increase my energy throughout the day? Stay tuned for Part 2...

Suresh Madhavan is Veteran Police Officer who served his community for 13 years prior to inventing The Maxx-Dri Vest for body armor ventilation and starting his company 221B Tactical. He now holds the role of CEO at the New York based company. He has spent the last two decades committed to health, fitness and wellness. He has helped countless people attain and maintain their wellness goals by showing them how to specifically incorporate what needs to be done into their hectic schedules. His mantra is "'s not knowing what to do. It's knowing how to do it."

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