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The best hoodie ever has just arrived!

The best hoodie ever has just arrived!

Millions of people love wearing hooded sweatshirts come fall and winter.  However, once the temperatures start to drop, most have to switch over to a full-fledged jacket because your common hooded sweatshirt just doesn't cut it. That is why 221B Tactical has just developed a hooded sweatshirt that is sure to replace every hoodie you own. 

The Equinoxx Rendition Hoodie is like no other hoodie you've ever seen or worn. It's constructed with a patented, heat pressed, dual layer thermal system which provides unprecedented warmth and insulation while simultaneously allowing for incredible moisture transfer and breathability.  But the best feature of The Rendition Hoodie is that it incorporates a state of the art "wind-blocking" layer which fights off some of the harshest, bone-chilling winds. The Rendition Hoodie features...

  • A full-zip YKK front zipper which helps protect your mouth and nose from biting winds and rain.  

  • A compression hood which stays up and has a built-in brim to help protect you from rain and wind.  
  • An outer shell that offers water resistance and that can also be treated to become water repellent.
  • Two front pockets which are smartly placed to maximize your comfort and feature hidden magnetic closures.
  • A pocket on the lower sleeve allows for smartphone, ID, wallet and key storage.

    • A large, waterproof pocket on the front of the hoodie allows for secure storage of larger items such as larger phones, tablets and notepads.

    The Rendition Hoodie gives you the warmth of a jacket with the style and comfort of your favorite hoodie sweatshirt!

    Designed with your comfort and needs in mind, The Rendition Hoodie is destined to become the best hoodie you've ever worn!

    With a 30-day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose. But beware....once you try it you may never wear your other hoodies or jackets ever again!

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