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The Salvation Of A Law Enforcement Career

The Salvation Of A Law Enforcement Career

What does it mean for people who wear body armor who say it’s become so uncomfortable for them to wear, and that wearing it has actually compromised their health and well-being? 

Might they go so far as to tempt fate by deciding not to wear it during their tours? The consequences of doing that could prove to be fatal! 

We at 221B Tactical knew about such concerns when we conceived, invented and designed the Maxx-Dri Vest for body armor ventilation & cooling. Yet we still wondered how each individual would assess the benefits he or she would experience for themselves after purchasing.
Little did we realize the profoundly powerful effects wearing the Maxx-Dri-Vest could offer people, and how it would change lives dramatically for the better.
Law enforcement officer Mitch D. describes and shares his own personal Maxx-Dri Vest experience:
"Dear 221b Team:
You guys are the A team in my book.  I was ready to quit law enforcement altogether because of the excessive heat and sweat build-up under my ballistic vest.  I know sounds silly, right!  But I produce heat like a coal train and sweat like a hog, which has led to skin irritations, infections, and O' MY GOD, the itching!  No amount of cream, treatment remedy, back scratching would suffice.  Then, salvation! I purchased the MaxxDri vest.  Most of the aforementioned problems are eradicated, eliminated gone.  I still build up heat and get the occasional heat rash when I'm outside alot patroling in 100 degree heat and itch from time to time, but this thing has saved my career.  If I was command staff level I'd order one for every officer!  It's that damn good!"
221B Tactical frequently receives “reviews and ratings” from its customers and we can’t thank them enough for stopping what they are doing and taking their valuable time to express their own personal Maxx-Dri Vest experiences. 
But we have to admit this testimonial above touched our hearts more powerfully compared with others. Reflecting upon the officer’s personal comments, his Maxx-Dri Vest has actually salvaged his career!
Imagine .... a concept so simple yet so smartly and efficiently designed that it prevented a person from actually having to contemplate leaving a career that he loved!
We know lots of people remain skeptical and even blind to the help they now have available to themselves while they sweat  and bake beneath their body armor for hours and hours.  And once they do learn about The Maxx-Dri Vest and how it can positively help them on the job, many remain “on the fence” and hesitate to accept help.  
It’s a funny thing about human beings.  They often gravitate toward what they know and decline to accept to pay for good help.  Better to spend $100-$150 during a weekend out with their buddies drinking beer rather than coveting  an opportunity to invest their money for a product like the Maxx-Dri Vest that they’ll use every day while on the job!


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Deborah Cieslewski - July 28, 2019

To my Favorite Team 221 B Tatical, the MaxxDri Vest was the best investment i made when wearing a Ballistic vest, In this hot weather,the vest is uncomfortable and makes you sweat,i lost weight from wearing it daily at work,if it wasn’t for your MaxxDri Vest, i don’t think i would wear my armor,but what a difference it made,best item i spent money on.

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