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The Tactical Tool Every First Responder and Civilian Should Carry With Them Every Day - EDC

The Tactical Tool Every First Responder and Civilian Should Carry With Them Every Day - EDC

If you were to ask people what the most important tool a Police Officer carries is, they would most likely tell you that it's their gun. However, the truth of the matter is, Police Officers use their gun the LEAST of all their tools during their careers. Most Law Enforcement Officers across the country, at the end of their career, can count on one hand how many times they ever even pulled out their gun on duty. 

As civilians, most don't even carry a gun every day. And for those who do, most will never need to draw that weapon and use it in their lifetime. That said, civilians also need to have certain tools with them during the course of their day to ensure they are prepared for the more common unexpected situations. 

The one thing that Police Officers and non-police civilians have in common is that they must always be prepared for anything. The reality for civilians is that the police are not always going to be right there to save you. Sometimes it could take over 5 minutes for the police to arrive at a call. And in certain situations, 5 minutes could seem like an eternity and be the difference between life and death.

For Police Officers, in certain emergent situations, every second counts. There's no time to be wasted. You need to have the necessary tools ready at hand to get the job done and get it done FAST. 

During my 13 years as a Full Time Police Officer, the tool I easily used the most was the knife I kept clipped in my pocket. I just needed something that had a decent blade on it (which I always kept sharp) and a decent clip that held it securely in my pocket. Sadly, most knives I purchased would only last a few months to a year before I experienced some sort of breakdown with it. Either the blade would break/chip, the pocket clip would bend or the opening mechanism (spring) would fail. This was extremely frustrating. 

That is why I decided to offer a "tool" that was built to last. A tool that every Police Officer, First Responder, Security Professional and civilian should have on them and would benefit from in the event a situation arose.

In my eyes, the tool needed to be built tough, have a strong, sharp blade, a strong pocket clip that could be replaced if need be, a good heavy feel, good grip and a couple of key features that could potentially help save your life: a window punch glass breaker and a seatbelt cutter.

The 221B Tactical Vanquish First Responder Tool is everything I've always wanted in an everyday carry tool. Built with the highest grade materials and constructed to last, The Vanquish First Responder Tool will be the best EDC knife and everyday tool you'll ever own.

Thousands of first responders and civilians across the country trust The Vanquish First Responder Tool every single day as their EDC tool of choice. If you're looking for the best tactical tool to carry on duty as a police officer, as a civilian every day or to even keep in your vehicle (perfect for young, new drivers), look no further than The Vanquish First Responder Tool. 

Click below to read Verified Reviews and learn more about this incredible tactical safety tool designed by a Police Officer for Police Officers and responsible civilians. 
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