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Is taking OFF your sweaty, stinky body armor the best part of your shift?

Is taking OFF your sweaty, stinky body armor the best part of your shift?

For many of the hundreds of thousands of police officers across the country the best part of their shift is the end of their shift when they get to take off their uniform and go home. Having worked on patrol for 13 years, I can tell you first-hand that going into the locker room, opening my locker, kicking my boots off, taking by duty belt off and going through my post-shift routine always felt great. Not only did it feel great to take the nearly 30 lbs. of gear off my also felt good to know that I made it through another shift safe and sound and that I was going home.

However, over the years, I must say that one of the BEST parts of the end of the shift was taking my body armor off.  And I can say with a fair amount of certainty that this was a favorite part of the shift for almost everyone in the locker room!  

Although body armor is the one thing that police officers wear that can literally save their life, it is also the MOST uncomfortable thing most police officers wear on a daily basis. However, despite how uncomfortable it may be, not wearing it was NEVER an option for me. But boy did it feel good to get that thing off at the end of my shift!! And the next best feeling was peeling my sweat-soaked shirt off by body.  Finally my skin could breathe! Unfortunately it was this INABILITY for my skin to breathe which lead to rashes and skin infections throughout my career....and I wasn't alone. Thousands of officers across the country and around the world suffer from this as a result of wearing body armor.  And truth be told, this was not just an issue during the warmer was an issue ALL YEAR ROUND.

You see, despite the outside temperature, wearing body armor ALWAYS suffocates your body and does not allow your skin to breathe.  And no matter what the season, wearing body armor causes your skin to perspire.  Even in the winter I would take my body armor off at the end of my shift and would STILL have to peel my base layer thermal off of me. And what's worse is that in the winter, it's the moisture from your perspiration that makes you COLD when you get out of your patrol car or come out of headquarters.  So battling trapped perspiration and moisture for those who wear body armor is a YEAR-ROUND STRUGGLE.  And it was this that lead me to develop The Maxx-Dri Ultra Comfort Vest!

The Maxx-Dri Vest, which is now being worn by over 30,000 officers world-wide, serves a very basic BUT critical creates that little bit of space between your body armor and your base layer, allowing your body and skin to BREATHE!!

No matter the season or the outside temperature, you HAVE TO allow your body and skin to breathe. The Maxx-Dri Vest provides 360 degree ventilation which allows heat and moisture to escape while allowing fresh air to flow in and around your entire body....front, back, sides and shoulders.  And those expensive moisture-wicking shirts you're wearing? Well they can FINALLY do their job with The Maxx-Dri Vest because of the air gap created by wearing it.  Without a Maxx-Dri Vest, your "moisture-wicking" shirt is simply staying soaked and subsequently soaks your body armor with sweat as well.  And it's this that causes that ever-so-pleasant "body armor aroma."  But with a Maxx-Dri Vest, the end result is you stay drier AND MORE COMFORTABLE while wearing your body armor on the job! 

So if your want to be cooler and drier in the warm weather, drier and warmer in the cold weather and MORE COMFORTABLE yourself a favor and check out The Maxx-Dri Ultra Comfort Vest.  OVER 30,000 satisfied users across the world can only mean one thing....IT WORKS!!

You have enough to worry about while on the job. Police officers need to be focused on the threats around them....NOT HOW UNCOMFORTABLE THEY ARE!!

Join the tens of thousands of officers who have made putting on their Maxx-Dri Vest beneath their body armor part of their pre-shift routine.  And say goodbye to peeling your shirt off after your shift.  Just read the thousands of 5 Star reviews....once you try it you'll never want to put your body armor on without it! 


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