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Stay Cool, Dry and Safe All Summer Long with Maxx-Dri & Silver Elite

For June and July, 221B is discounting several products made with our innovative Maxx-Dri and Silver Elite technologies, to help you work or play outdoors this summer.

Maxx-Dri Vest was created by co-founder Suresh Madhavan. As a police officer committed to wearing body armor, he was determined to find a solution to soaking in sweat, smelling, and being distracted by skin irritations and even infections. He figured out that, 1) his base-layer shirt needed to be breathable, not just moisture wicking, and 2) to make it breathable, he needed a layer of space between his shirt and body armor that allowed body heat and moisture to escape and air to flow in. So he created a lightweight vest made out of a special mesh material—the “Maxx-Dri” material—to go between his body and his armor. (Also see our Maxx-Dri Backpack Airflow Spacer.) Maxx-Dri vest worked brilliantly, a true game changer, as attested to by a quarter-million customers over the past 10 years.

Maxx-Dri Silver Elite Shirt (tee and long sleeve) is the perfect base-layer complement to Maxx-Dri Vest, but it’s also super comfortable and functional as a standalone shirt for work or play in hot weather. The material is infused with silver, the actual metal (AG+), which fights bacteria and protects your skin from infection and rashes as you sweat. It has flat-sewn seams and tagless labeling, and is long enough to stay tucked into your pants. We use the same material and construction principles in our Maxx-Dri RFX Briefs for men and women.