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🛒 Discount Promo Code Named After You! 🛒

Who doesn’t love finding out about a discount-promo-code when ready to make a purchase? It’s like unexpectedly finding cash left in your coat pocket from before.

Because you’re already a loyal 221B customer, or you’ve just registered to be on our mailing list, you’re among a select group to receive this uncommon offer.

If you’ve been considering some awesome, new 221B gear, or "still on the fence", we want to reward you for being part of our subscriber list.

It will be your last name with the number 10 at the end which means you’ll get 10% savings on every item in your shopping cart.  You can also apply this towards already-reduced bundle offers to capture even more savings!

For example, if your last name is Smith your code will be SMITH10
If it’s Jones, your code will be JONES10.
If it’s Trump, your code will be TRUMP10.
If it’s Donald J. Trump we actually hope you’ll make us an offer we can’t refuse and purchase our company! 😁

Seriously, there couldn’t be a better time to take advantage of this unique offer which no other companies are doing.  It’s like having your own private, personalized sale.

Simply email 📩 sales@221btactical or send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram and let us know “you want in”.  We’ll email back your own personalized code to use within 72 hours. This truly is a limited time offer that will expire within 72 hours once you authorize us to create your code. 

Don’t hesitate! Act now to get the most awesome tactical gear in the market. TODAY…. Not tomorrow or next week.  TODAY.
This is an outstanding offer and we hope to be hearing from you.

All the best,

Brad Pedell
Director of Sales