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The best plate carrier for Police Patrol, SWAT, private security and civilian use...designed to keep you comfortable & safe

The best plate carrier for Police Patrol, SWAT, private security and civilian use...designed to keep you comfortable & safe

When it comes to your safety, you should NEVER compromise. That said, something that many of us don't consider when selecting gear is speed and long term comfort. By this we mean how quickly can I get this piece of gear into action effectively and, once in use, how comfortable will I be over an extended period of time?

This doesn't hold true more anywhere than when it comes to body armor; specifically plate carriers. Why? Because adding 25 lbs. to our body within seconds just isn't natural. However, when you're on patrol as a police officer and about to run into that building on an active shooter call, your mind cannot be focused on discomfort. In that moment you must have a singular focus: eliminating the threat and stopping loss of life.

Traditional plate carriers are designed with features that allow for adding lots of "stuff" to your kit. And while this is important, the more stuff you add to your plate carrier, the heavier, bulkier and less comfortable it becomes. The additional weight not only contributes to increased fatigue but also, in many cases, over-heating. This leads to yet another issue that is a major point of concern when it comes to traditional plate carriers: expansion for respiration. Let me explain...

When dealing with a stressful situation like an active shooter or a foot pursuit, your heart rate and respiration increase. This is completely normal and expected for even the most fit individuals. When the adrenaline starts pumping, everything spikes. What also happens during this time is rapid expansion and contraction of your thoracic cavity (i.e. your rib cage and abdominal area). Unfortunately, when donning a traditional plate carrier, the cummerbund does not allow for this natural expansion of your chest and thoracic cavity. This, in turn, may lead to constricted breathing at a time when your body needs it the most.

Imagine having to run sprints with a wide, leather belt strapped around your chest, restricting your lungs from fully expanding. You'd feel suffocated and unable to perform at capacity, right? Well that's precisely what you're doing when you strap a traditional plate carrier to your body...especially when you're putting on a plate carrier over your police uniform. Couple this with an increase in body temperature due to the lack of air flow and breathability with these traditional plate carriers and you have the proverbial perfect storm of rapid fatigue and aerobic failure.

The Real-World Tactical Signature Edition Shadow Plate Carrier by 221B Tactical was specifically designed to take care of these vital concerns. With features engineered and built in to this one-of-a-kind plate carrier, designed specifically for police patrol officers, SWAT officers and specialty unit officers, The Shadow Plate Carrier was designed with a singular purpose: Keep you comfortable. Let you move fast and free. Keep you ALIVE.

If you've every dealt with the aforementioned issues (and others) while having to wear traditional plate carriers, it might be time to take a look at a plate carrier designed like nothing you've ever seen before with materials you've never seen before by those who have been on the front lines and lived to tell about it.

Click here to learn more ---> Experience The Shadow Plate Carrier

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