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Body Armor Month at 221B - 15% Off Armor and Accessories - Code ARMOR2023

Don’t miss the opportunity for big discounts on the most innovative body armor products on the market. Enter Code ARMOR2023 at checkout for instant savings (some exclusions apply). Created by 221B, the plate carriers on this page are perfect for civilian use. The minimalist QRF Plate Carrier is sleek and low profile—yet highly adjustable for all-sized people (including pockets for small or large plates). It’s easy to put on and take off, has lots of storage, and is comfortable to wear thanks to our breathable Maxx-Dri mesh cooling material. Our Stealth concealable carrier is ultra thin, with every aspect designed for low visibility.

221B bags and backpacks provide amazing storage and utility, even without the optional armor plates. But you’ll want the plates. You’d be surprised how often lives are saved when civilians carry bags with armor plates (see our blog posting, Real-World Cases of Lives Saved by Armored Bags and Backpacks). As for the armor itself, we offer the best there is. Legacy armor plates are NIJ Compliant and made in the USA. We offer hard and soft plates, large and small, flat and curved, Level IV, III and IIIA.

Finally, check out our Tradecraft Tactical Jacket, an inspired multi-purpose product that’ll protect against 9mm, .40, .45 and 44-magnum bullets, with optional (and available) 10x12 Level IIIA body armor panels--and its 10 pockets will store everything needed for a short trip without having to bring a luggage.

Click here to check out our complete line of body armor, plate carriers and accessories.