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  • Health, Wealth and Wisdom #6
    October 20, 2022

    Health, Wealth and Wisdom #6

    Nothing in this life is more important than your health. Think about it. If you don't have your health, what else even matters? 

    Second to your physical health is your fiscal health. Stress about money is one of the leading causes of breakdowns in physical health and relationships. 

    Fiscal (financial) health and wealth is attained through knowledge. A wise man once said that your bank account is one of the greatest indicators of your level of knowledge.

    So let's get to it...

    Health: Drink This As Soon As You Wake Up

    This one tip has changed the lives of so many of my friends. It's simple. It's uncomplicated. And, it works. Drink 24 oz. of water as soon as you wake up, on an empty stomach. Here are 10 reasons why you should drink water as soon as you wake up.

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    1. Health, Wealth and Wisdom #5
      September 27, 2022

      Health, Wealth and Wisdom #5

      When I tell people I work out  and lift weights 6 days a week and train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 4 days a week, I usually get a "look" as if I'm some sort of whack job. Funny thing is, that's how I feel about people who don't work out at all. Seriously, what's more important than your health; fantasy football and Netflix?

      Without your health, you have nothing. Just ask anyone currently dealing with a serious medical condition. 

      Health: Boost Your HGH

      HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is critical for so many things physiologically I can't even go into it all here. Most of you know I'm a huge proponent of maintaining proper HGH levels but doing it NATURALLY. There are lots of potential side effects when taking exogenous HGH so I prefer to do the things that will help my endogenous HGH production. 


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    2. What's the difference between level 3 and level 4 body armor?
      August 31, 2022

      What's the difference between level 3 and level 4 body armor?

      How much does level 4 body armor cost?

      Because of their increased stopping power and advanced construction, level 4 body armor typically costs more than level 3 body armor. 

      Now, the following numbers are just averages. Prices vary between manufacturers. One of the biggest factors to look for is where the plates are produced. Many people on the internet feel that body armor produced overseas is inferior to armor produced domestically in the United States. Keep in mind these same people are posting these comment using a device that was produced overseas while sitting on a chair which was produced overseas. Point being, just because it was produced overseas, it doesn't mean it's inferior. And just because it was produced in the U.S. doesn't mean it's better. Choose your body armor based on the quality of the company and product. 

      When it comes to level 3 body armor, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300-$350 per plate. This seems to be the industry average. As for level 4 body armor, expect to pay anywhere from $450-$500 per plate. 

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    3. The Bulletproof Jacket That Could Save Your Life Which Comes At a Price You Can Live With
      August 24, 2022

      The Bulletproof Jacket That Could Save Your Life Which Comes At a Price You Can Live With

      The Tradecraft Jacket is a mens tactical jacket that holds two (2) level 3A soft body armor panels. One (1) 10x12 plate in the front and one in the rear. The panels are strategically placed for optimal protection of the wearer's vital organs (center mass). NOTE: The Tradecraft Jacket is capable of holding Level 4 plates. However this will greatly increase printing while wearing the jacket. 

      The thin level IIIA panels are completely concealed and virtually unnoticeable to the average person walking by. Additionally, The Tradecraft Ballistic Jacket offers superior warmth, comfort and storage capacity, making it not just a safer choice, but a practical one as well.

      Crime and shootings are up across the country. You deserve to feel safe and protected while going about your daily activities. And you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Get the best bulletproof jacket for protection at a price you can afford. 

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    4. Concealed Body Armor For Civilians Personal Protection and Private Security
      August 22, 2022

      Concealed Body Armor For Civilians Personal Protection and Private Security

      When considering body armor, one of the biggest concerns for most civilians is concealment. Understandably, most people don't want the world to know they're wearing body armor. Therefore, the lower profile the better. But there's also another important factor when it comes to concealed civilian body armor; comfort.

      The truth of the matter is, it doesn't matter how much you spend on body armor and how "covert" it might be. If it's not comfortable, chances are, you're not gonna wear it. And there's no point in owning something (especially body armor) if you're not gonna use it.

      That's why the Stealth Body Armor Plate Carrier by 221B Tactical has been such a hit with civilians, private security, personal protection and executive protection fields. Its ultra slim, low profile design makes it extremely easy to conceal; even beneath a thin, single layer of clothing. And with its comfort stretch cummerbund and breathable backing, The Stealth Body Armor Plate Carrier can be worn for hours without discomfort. 

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    5. Health, Wealth and Wisdom #4
      August 5, 2022

      Health, Wealth and Wisdom #4

      Recently a friend of mine who was one of the wealthiest men I knew, was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Three months later, he was gone. Despite his wealth and extreme success, his health was compromised and nothing could save him. 

      Without your health, you have nothing. When your health is compromised, nothing else matters. Take care of it today while you have the choice so you are not a victim of it tomorrow. 

      Here's the reality: You don't know it all. I don't know it all. None of knows it all. Books help us learn and grow more than any other tool on the planet. Once you recognize and accept these facts, you'll approach reading books differently. No matter what, I've always been able to learn at least one thing from every book I've ever read.

      P.S. The wealthiest men on the planet all have one thing in common: They are all avid readers. Some reading as much as a book a day. Think that is merely a coincidence? So if you're broke and not sure what to do, start with reading. And if you just read that and said, "but I hate reading"... well, get comfortable being broke. The only thing I hated more than reading was being broke. So I started reading. And now, I'm no longer broke. Today, I love reading. Choice is yours.

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    6. The Active Shooter Response Kit That Could Save Your Life
      August 2, 2022

      The Active Shooter Response Kit That Could Save Your Life

      Now, for the first time ever, you can create the ultimate Active Shooter Response Kit right in one spot, saving you hours of time and money.

      This incredible active shooter safety kit includes a plate carrier, body armor plates, a ballistic helmet and a ballistic shield. Each item can be customized to your specific needs. And with a click of a button, you'll have the essential gear you'll need to be prepared for an active shooter situation should it happen in your town.

      Click here to view all the options and build your active shooter response kit today.

      Nothing is more important than your safety. Don't be the person who is regretting not having the necessary equipment when the event occurs. Be the person who is ready and is willing to fight to stay alive. 

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    7. Health, Wealth and Wisdom #3
      July 28, 2022

      Health, Wealth and Wisdom #3

      Without your health, nothing else matters. Remember that. The money in your bank, houses, cars, boats or private jets. None of it will mean anything if you don't have your health. You can have it all, and in an instant, when that doctor walks into the room with that diagnosis, none of it will no longer matter. Those who fail to take their health and well-being seriously are destined to lose it.
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