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Things That Don’t Suck: 221B Tactical’s Asset Tactical Jeans - Review 2021

Things That Don’t Suck: 221B Tactical’s Asset Tactical Jeans - Review 2021

By Waysun Johnny Tsai

About ten years ago I was sponsored by a couple of large tactical gear manufacturers. They would send me pants, shirts, boots, socks, underwear, hats…you name it. The good thing was, I barely had to buy clothing. Ever. I would just find something in a catalog, send an email and gear would show up. The bad thing was that I always looked like an off-duty or plain clothes cop.

Over time I stopped sending emails for new gear because that cop look got old. Don’t get me wrong, I still wear some gear, but I prefer to wear a t-shirt with Baby Yoda on it over some heavily logo’ed 2A shirt that can grab just a bit more attention than I would sometimes like.

Best Tactical Jean 2021 221B Asset Tactical Jeans

I just discovered a new company named 221B Tactical. 221B is a smaller company whose owners are very hands-on with the design of each and every product that they make.

Best Tactical Jean 2021 221B Asset Tactical Jeans

When I spoke on the phone with the company, I explained to one of the owners my belief that Spandex stretch pants are one of God’s greatest gifts to men. He agreed and wanted me to check out a pair of their new Asset Tactical Jeans to see what I thought about them and sent a pair my way.

Best Tactical Jean 2021 221B Asset Tactical Jeans

The first thing I noticed is they are stretchy, but a bit heavier than most of my pants. I wear shorts every single warm day of the year and I prefer lightweight clothing. One of the reasons the pants may feel heavy is because of all of the 13 useful pockets that are built into them.

Best Tactical Jean 2021 221B Asset Tactical Jeans

Check out this video where the company explains all of the ASSET’s features here:

Some of you may be wondering exactly what a pair of jeans has to do with EDC. As the above video demonstrates, these jeans give you plenty of options for carrying your gun and gear the way you want. That makes having your EDC gear with you a lot easier.

Asset Tactical Jeans are configured with lots of pockets to hold everything you carry. The one pocket that caught my attention, though, is the sewn-in appendix CCW holder that holds my Hellcat very nicely.

I also like how my knives tend to disappear in the upper front pocket. I did plenty of bending and kicking in these jeans, fully loaded with my EDC gear, and they don’t feel restrictive at all.

Best Tactical EDC CCW Jeans 2021 221B Asset Tactical Jeans

The straight fit feels comfortable, but I wish that it came in a boot cut which is my preference in jeans.

All in all, I’m a fan. I kind of feel like Chuck Norris with his action jeans and their hidden stretch crotch gusset in the 80’s.

Best Tactical EDC CCW Jeans 2021 221B Asset Tactical Jeans

The 221B Asset Tactical Jeans deliver EDC comfort with a variety of pockets and give the wearer the ability to safely carry a pistol in the appendix position, without a holster, along with extra magazines, to me that’s a win.

Best Tactical EDC CCW Jeans 2021 221B Asset Tactical Jeans

Plus, you won’t look like a cop wearing them, even if you are. At a MSRP of $69, they are worth trying a pair for yourself.

Specifications: 221B Asset Tactical Jeans

  • Straight Fit
  • Advanced Stretch Technology
  • 13 Pockets and Holders for CCW & EDC
  • 2″ Belt Loops for Tactical & Battle Belts
  • Extra Wide Rear Belt Loop w/ Velcro
  • Front and Rear Pistol Mag Holders
  • Rear Yoke Rifle Mag Pockets
  • Appendix Carry CCW Holder
  • Gusseted Stretch Crotch
  • Stretch Yoke
  • YKK Zippers & Brass Rivets
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Construction
  • Breathable
  • Bottom Cuffs Designed for Boots, Shoes or Sandals

Pick up a pair today at www.221btactical today for around $69.00.


A Chicago native, Sijo Waysun Johnny Tsai is an internationally recognized Combatives and Survival instructor. He is a published book and DVD personality with over 35 years’ experience in teaching Practical Street Defense and Combatives to the Military, Law Enforcement Agencies and Civilians alike. SIJO is also the founder of the C.U.M.A. Survival School. He is also a renowned knife designer for companies like TOPS KNIVES, SMOKY MOUNTAIN KNIFE WORKS and WORK TUFF GEAR

When not teaching classes, writing, or doing crazy thing with knives, SIJO likes to enjoy his downtime with his wife and 3 children. He also likes drinking beer.

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