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The Best Thermals For Police Officers And Anyone Who Works Outside In The Winter

The Best Thermals For Police Officers And Anyone Who Works Outside In The Winter

Ask most any Police Officer and they'll tell you one of the most annoying things they deal with every winter; wearing a bulky coat. Now, at first it may sound odd that such a simple thing could be so frustrating. But when you take a closer look at the situation, it becomes crystal clear why heavy coats are such a pain point for police officers and first responders in the winter cold weather months.

When most people don a winter coat they are simply focused on staying warm and maybe looking good. However when a police officer or first responder puts on a coat or heavy jacket, they are contemplating their survival. How? Easy! At any given point of a police officer's patrol shift he/she may be in a fight, fighting for their lives. And if this occurs, the last thing you want is a heavy, bulky coat or jacket restricting your movement and range of motion. Additionally, coats are notorious for restricting access to vital gear on your duty belt.

So this brings us to the quandary that peace officers around the world encounter every winter; wear a heavy coat, stay warm but possibly compromise their safety. Or, lose the coat, accept being cold and damp, but have the security of free, unrestricted movement should an event occur.

Now some with experience in the outdoors might say, "layer up to stay warm." Well this might work if you're hiking or skiing because you can easily stop to shed a layer or two if you start getting too warm. However this isn't an easy option while on duty as a police officer. It would require removal of your police radio, gun belt, body armor and uniform shirt. Not a quick or easy task. Additionally, many officers can find themselves overheating on their core, beneath their body armor, while their arms, shoulders and upper chest/neck are freezing.

It was this very issue that lead Suresh Madhavan, a 13 year law enforcement veteran, to design and develop the Equinoxx Ultra Thermals. These unique thermals have been specifically designed to take care of the concerns shared by police officers and those wearing body armor vests around the world. Concerns which were not met by products produced by athletic companies such as Under Armour and Nike.

The center core of these thermals features a light thermal, moisture wicking material. This allows for optimal warmth and transfer of moisture while wearing body armor or a heavy vest. Couple this with a Maxx-Dri Vest for body armor ventilation and you have a system to keep you dry and warm beneath your body armor all winter long.

The sleeves of the Equinoxx Ultra Thermals feature an incredible new wind-blocking, grid-thermal material which provide multi-directional stretch. This innovative new material has been said to keep you just as warm as if you were wearing a coat, without the bulk or restriction of movement.

With a mock turtle neck and compression wrist cuffs, The Equinoxx Ultra Thermals have completely changed the game for not only police officers and first responders, but also many who work out in the elements like construction workers, contractors and municipal employees. Available in 3 different weights for varying degrees of cold weather (Stage 1 being the lightest, Stage 2 for moderate cold weather and Stage 3 for extreme cold weather), the 221B Equinoxx Ultra Thermals are changing the game when it comes to cold weather comfort. 

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