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Choosing The Right Body Armor For Your Specific Situation

Choosing The Best Body Armor For Your Specific Situation

There are multiple types of body armor available based on the scenario each is designed to address. However, another way to look at these different body armor platforms (and perhaps easier) is from the perspective of where/when each platform is best suited. In this article we’re going to talk about locations and situations where each type of armor platform is best suited. Some of these may be more obvious than others. Having one body armor rig is better than none, but there are very good reasons to own multiple types of body armor and carriers.

Keeping Body Armor in Your Car

According to a 2019 study, on average Americans spend about 152 hours in their car per year. During recent years we’ve seen more and more instances of violence committed by rioters against motorists. The case for keeping body armor in your vehicle becomes even more important if you drive as part of your profession. Long haul truck drivers, delivery drivers and other jobs that see long periods of time on the road are bound to see a higher probability of encountering violent situations. There are two types of body armor carriers that are best suited for use in a car or truck: 1) concealable soft armor or 2) active shooter body armor configurations. Concealable body armor is very versatile and can be worn for long periods of time under loose clothing without limiting freedom of movement. Under this particular circumstance, the most comfortable body armor to wear is our Flex Fused Core™ level IIIA body armor, the Contact Armor Hybrid Cool Carrier or our Level IIIA Wrap Around Concealment Vest. These body armor options allow you to sit comfortably while offering protection against handgun rounds. Should you need more advanced ballistic protection while out on the road, we recommend an “Active Shooter” body armor configuration. The plate carriers associated with this body armor platform typically do not have a cummerbund. As a result, this type of body armor is fast and easy to throw on in a moment’s notice. 


Body Armor for the Streets or At Work

It probably no surprise that we recommend concealable body armor for use while out and about on city streets or in the workplace. However, there are a couple distinctions that need to be made when it comes to body armor options for use in public. While level IIIA soft body armor is the most practical for this situation, there’s an important tradeoff to consider. Soft body armor is lightweight and flexible making it the most common option for concealment. However, soft armor is not stab resistant. If you’re looking for lightweight level IIIA body armor that offers stab resistance, we recommend Armis Quad Curve hard armor. While it might not offer the same flexibility, Armis plates significantly reduce the possibility of being stabbed. Another level IIIA option that needs some distinction is our Level IIIA Wraparound Concealment Vest. With a wrapround vest you gain continuous protection around the sides of your midsection. This distinction could very well save your life. Another option that is well suited for protection out on the streets (or at work) is backpack body armor. Spartan Armor Systems™ offers both level IIIA backpack Flex Fused Core™ 11”x14” soft armor panels as well as level III+ AR650 10”x13” steel core plates. Both of these backpack body armor options fit discreetly in most briefcases or backpacks, but especially so in our Spartan SIX armor ready backpack.


Body Armor in Your Home

In your home, almost anything goes when it comes to body armor. The important considerations here are the scenario(s) you are preparing for. For example, body armor that can be thrown on quickly (such as the Tactical Response Kit) would be best for home invasion scenarios while a full tactical plate carrier would be best for a scenario where there’s a break down in rule of law. In years past, SHTF and WROL scenarios may have seemed a little far-fetched to most people. However, in 2020 we’ve seen a global pandemic, riots and now sweeping wildfires on the west coast. Where there’s chaos, there are typically opportunists looking to commit crimes such as looting and armed robbery. We have many options for tactical plate carriers and body armor for use in these carriers, below are some of our most popular options. 


We carry numerous body armor solutions to accommodate a wide range of dangerous situations. With recent spikes in crime across many states, it’s especially important to be prepared. Whether you’re driving in your car, walking down the street or in your home, there are body armor configurations best suited for each location. Having multiple body armor configurations is a worthwhile precaution during uncertain times. Need help figuring out the best body armor for you? We’re happy to answer your questions and help you choose the body armor that’s right for the scenarios discussed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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    NOTE: This blog was originally posted by our good friends at Spartan Armor Systems. Spartan Armor Systems produces the body armor and specific carriers carried by 221B Tactical. All of their products and workmanship are second to none. That is why Spartan Armor Systems is the company we trust when it comes to the best body armor protection for you and your family.
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