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Extrication Gloves That Actually Protect Your Hands While On The Job

Extrication Gloves That Actually Protect Your Hands While On The Job

During my 13 years on the job as a Police Officer I responded to countless serious motor vehicle crashes. Many of these crashes involved one or more occupants of the involved vehicle(s) being entrapped (unable to exit the vehicle). 

Whether the occupant(s) were injured or not, getting them out of the vehicle safely was the primary concern for first responders. And for situations when the vehicle is on fire...time was of the essence.

Almost always it was Police Officers who were first on scene, followed by EMS/Paramedics and then Fire Fighters. Typically everyone worked together to coordinate extrication and get all persons removed from the vehicle(s) in the fastest and safest manner possible.

During these incidents I would always notice that the fire fighters (FD) would have heavy duty gloves to help protect their hands as they dealt with the twisted wreckage. There was almost alway broken glass and jagged metal to be dealt with. Us Police Officers almost never had heavy duty gloves on us to provide adequate protection. And ironically, I came to find that the glove the fire fighters had "looked" heavy duty but, in fact, didn't offer that great of protection against potentially serious injuries. 

I developed The Exxtrication Gloves specifically for the brave men and women first responders who rush to the scene when people are typically experiencing the worst event of their lives and are in need of help. During these critical incidents, the safety of the first responders is just as important as anything else. If you get hurt, you are out of the game and are unable to help those in need. 

These incredible extrication gloves are the best because they offer features on the outside which help protect you palms, fingers and the backs of your hands. But even more important is what on the inside...Level 5 Spectra cut resistant and slash resistant lining. I used Level 5 Spectra because it is one of the only materials that maintains it's cut and slash resistant properties even after getting wet with water, oil, blood or any fluid for that matter. I did this intentionally because of my first hand knowledge of how messy some of these extrication scenes are. And to have gloves that don't hold up during the most extreme situations is pointless. 

First responders are heroes. And if you're the victim of a serious motor vehicle crash, they are like angels when you see them arrive. But these angels need the proper gear to protect them and keep them safe as they help you. They have families that they want and need to get home to. The Exxtrication Gloves by 221B Tactical were made specifically for them.

Don't just cover your hands with gloves that look cool...PROTECT THEM! 

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