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Your diet and exercise plan is making you fat...

Your diet and exercise plan is making you fat...

I have been working out for the better part of the last two decades. Over that time I have come across countless diet and workout plans. Some seemed legitimate. Others were fads. And some were simply designed for failure. 

In my early days of working out I had no clue what I was doing in the gym. Typically I would just watch what other people were doing or follow what friends were doing. But I quickly realized that many of my friends and fellow gym-goers were not "transforming" at all. By this I mean they were telling me that they were dieting and exercising to lose weight...but they weren't losing weight or gaining muscle.

Being that my concentration was on the life sciences in university, I did know a few things for FACT! The first was that muscle weighs more than fat. Therefore the number on the scale is NOT always a good indicator of your overall health. It, of course, should not be ignored. However, it should not be the ONLY point of reference when trying to get in shape the right way (more on this later). 

Second was that muscles recovering from intense activity (i.e. weight lifting) burn exponentially more fat than a body recovering from an intense cardio workout. Let me break it down in very basic (non-science geek terms). When you lift weights you are literally tearing muscle fibers. When you are done lifting, your body immediately goes into REPAIR MODE and begins using all available resources (proteins, fats, etc.) to repair the muscles you just tore up. The human body is an amazing machine and it operates on a higher level than most anyone even knows. But the most important thing that most don't know is that your body stays in this REPAIR MODE long after you leave the gym. In fact, it NEVER stops. Thus hours after you leave the gym, when you are sitting at your desk at work later that day, when you are eating lunch later that day, when you are sitting on the couch that night watching TV and even while you sleep that're body is STILL IN REPAIR MODE using up (burning) fat and proteins to repair those muscles and get you back to 100%. 

Conversely, when you put yourself through an intensive cardio workout, you are pushing your body (primarily your heart) to complete your activity. Of course if you're running or on a stair machine you legs are going to feel a nice burn as well. NOTE: In my personal opinion, if you're on an elliptical you're 1000% wasting your time (more on this in my next post). 

Now you can really push yourself on that treadmill. Really be sweating it out. And yes, you will burn calories "while you're doing it." However, the SECOND you stop, so does the calorie burning. But that's NOT the worst part...

To read the conclusion of my detailed plan check out my upcoming e-book which will be featured on  In it you'll find specific details about my personal diet, workout and supplement plan that is highly uncommon relative to what's out there today. In it I will also dive deeper into how your body truly works (based on science NOT opinion) and what you can do to use it to your advantage (hey...we need all the help we can get). You'll be shocked at the part titled "The truth about cardio." Why is that important to you? Well if you think doing what everyone else is doing (which is NOT getting them results) is your path to feeling and looking better...step 1 might be to shift your paradigm.

Special Note: In the full e-book I go into a very basic diet and nutrition plan that's simple to follow and even includes fast food kidding! I'll even share with you what many of my friends call my secret, fountain of youth sauce. LOL. It's pretty awesome and I do swear by it. I just don't talk about it all that much. You can read more about it here:

Thanks and remember, the only person on this planet that can affect your mood and situation is you! 

Suresh Madhavan is The Founder and CEO of New York City based 221B Tactical, a company which provides uncommon, innovative gear and safety equipment to members of the Police and Military. Madhavan served 13 years as a decorated Police Officer and develops 221B's innovations based on real-life experiences while on the job. He is also a life-long fitness junkie who has spent years studying the life sciences. Madhavan graduated Pre-Med with concentrations on Bio-Chemistry and Physics. His diet and exercise plans are currently being followed by thousands in the law enforcement community. For questions email 

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