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The Best Civilian Body Armor Plate Carrier You Can Buy For You and Your Family

The Best Civilian Body Armor Plate Carrier You Can Buy For You and Your Family

Crime is sky-rocketing. The Police are being defunded. Criminals are not being held accountable for their actions. And it's getting more and more difficult to purchase and own a firearm for personal protection. If all that doesn't make you realize that things aren't going so well at the moment, I'm not sure what will. 

That said, protecting yourself and your family in today's crazy world is getting harder and harder. Body armor is a critical piece of gear for those looking for safety and protection. Sadly, in some states like New York, civilians owning body armor is now banned. 

Think about this for a second. Crime is rampant and through the roof. Owning a weapon for self defense is nearly impossible; only the criminals have the guns. And now, they have made it a felony in New York for you to even slip a piece of ballistic armor in your child's backpack. 

Anyhow, for those of you living in a free state which allows you to own body armor, a plate carrier is an essential must have. However, traditional plate carriers are not always the most "comfortable" or easy to get on and off. And if you've never spent any time in the military or law enforcement, working with tactical gear may be completely foreign to you. 

After speaking with countless civilians about body armor, I realized that most (if not all) were simply not comfortable wearing traditional body armor plate carriers. They said they were difficult to adjust. Hard to put on. And when on, not very comfortable. Now, it's important to realize that in many of these conversations people were also keeping their wives and children in mind when it came to wearing body armor.

A situation in which you have to get body armor on your wife and kids, fast, is most likely a really bad situation to begin with. Add to that having to put heavy, uncomfortable body armor on them and trying to figure out how to adjust it in the middle of everything happening is not ideal. 

So, after nearly 3 years of research, testing and development, the first ever body armor plate carrier for civilians was born: The Phantom Plate Carrier. 

The Phantom Plate Carrier is like no other plate carrier in the world. In fact, at first glance, it doesn't even look like a plate carrier. However, once you put it on, you quickly realize that this is nothing like the plate carriers you see on TV and in the movies.

The patented Maxx-Dri construction makes it the lightest, most breathable plate carrier on the market. The top load pockets make dropping in body armor panels or plates a breeze. It's available in two (2) configuration depending on the size of the end user; 8X10 for smaller framed individuals and 10X12 for traditional size plates. 

The best part of the Phantom Plate Carrier is how easy it is to get on and off and adjust. Unlike traditional plate carriers which you have to take off your body to adjust, The Phantom Plate Carrier adjusts and conforms perfectly to your body in less than 3 seconds. And this goes for anyone with any body type.

If you're a civilian looking for body armor protection for you and your family and traditional tactical and/or military plate carriers just seem a bit overwhelming, The 221B Phantom Plate Carrier just might be the body armor plate carrier you've been looking for.

Check out photos and read real-world user reviews by clicking here.


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