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The Best Holiday Gift Idea Guide For The Tactical Man in Your Life 2020

The Best Holiday Gift Idea Guide For The Tactical Man in Your Life 2020

What a year 2020 has been. Between COVID-19 lockdowns and a wild Presidential election, peoples stress and anxiety is through the roof. That's why we feel this holiday season is more important than ever. It's a time to give thanks for all that's GOOD in our lives and come together with family to celebrate. The holidays is just what the doctor ordered to help us all get out of this funk and help us hit the ground running in 2021.

Nothing makes us feel better and boosts our spirits than giving and receiving. So this year we've put together the best mens holiday gift guide of 2020 for the hero in your life. Whether he wears a badge (police), uniform, or is your personal knight in shining armor, we've got you covered when it comes to getting him the perfect gift; especially if he loves all things tactical, hunting or outdoors.

Everything on this year's list is brand new so you can rest assured that the man in your life is going to be in for one heck of a surprise. So sit back, relax and take a leisurely scroll through our list. If your goal is to give the man in your life a unique gift that he won't have to pretend to like and will make all of his friends jealous, you've come to the right place.


Maxx-Dri Silver Elite Apparel 

Anti odor anti itch anti bacterial base layer shirt police hunting outdoors

Not all apparel is created equal. And when it comes to your health, nothing comes close to 221B's Silver Elite line of apparel. From t-shirts to long sleeve shirts to long underwear and boxer briefs for men and women, our exclusive bacteria fighting, anti-odor and anti-itch line of gear is guaranteed to keep your man feeling and smelling better than ever. Whether he's on the job, on a hunt or simply on everyday missions, his safety and comfort is paramount. Maxx-Dri Silver Elite Technology is like nothing you've ever seen before. These are surefire crowd-pleasers this holiday season and beyond. Click the image above to learn more.


Hondo Ultimate Patrol Bag

best tactical outdoor survival travel patrol bag bug out

The only thing worse than not having what you need when you need it is having it but not being able to find it. The Hondo Bag was designed with your organization and safety in mind. With over 15 separate compartments, pockets and storage options, The Hondo Bag quite literally has a place for everything you can think of. Capable of expanding 4" in less than 5 seconds, The Hondo Bag also converts from an in-vehicle organizer bag to a backpack to a shoulder bag within seconds. And with dedicated compartments to hold concealed body armor panels, this bag could quite literally save your life. Click the photo above to learn more and see it in action.


Tactical Watches by Luminox

best mens tactical watches holiday gift 2020

Every woman knows that the hallmark of a well put together man is a classic watch. It is the staple accessory of most any outfit and is a surefire symbol of class and style. Our brand new line of tactical watches by Luminox will help keep the hero in your world looking sharp and on time. Click the image above to view the entire collection of mens tactical watches; the perfect gift for the tactical or outdoors enthusiast man.


Agent Gloves 2.0: Thin - Warm - Water Resistant - Touch Screen Capable

best thin winter gloves waterproof touch screen warm

The decades old issue with cold weather Winter gloves has been the balance between thin and warm. Most men want a glove that's thin so they can still do tasks without having to take their gloves off. However,, most thin gloves do not keep your hands warm at all. On the contrary, thicker gloves do keep your hands nice and toasty. However, in order to do most anything, you need to remove the gloves; defeating the purpose of wearing Winter gloves in the first place. Enter The Agent Gloves 2.0 by 221B Tactical. With an ultra-slim, wind blocking thermal insulation, 360° water resistant membrane and integrated touch-screen technology, these very well might be the last pair of Winter gloves you'll ever own. Click the image above to learn more and see the gloves in action.


Commander Gloves: Full Dexterity - Cut Resistant - Impact Protection

best tactical gloves 2020 holiday gift ideas men cut resistant hunting shooting

An injury to your hands can sideline you for weeks, months or even longer. For many men, their hands are their livelihood. It's how they make their living, put food on their table and support their families. Therefore, protecting your hands is of the utmost importance. Whether you're a first responder, technician, tradesman or contractor, you need your hands safe and protected. That's why we designed our world renowned Commander Gloves. With a full dexterity, second skin design, cut resistant palm side, impact protection on the back side (hard knuckles and finger protection) and touch-screen friendly finger tips, these very well might be the best tactical work gloves on Earth. You won't find gloves like these at your local big box hardware store. Click the image above to learn more and see the gloves in action.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

best thermal socks 2020 police hunting tactical hiking winter outdoors skiing

We all know the feeling of kicking our shoes off after a long day and having our feet feel like they are on fire. And if your man spends all day on his feet, he has surely experienced this. In the cold Winter months, keeping your feet warm, dry and comfortable is of the utmost importance. That's why we set out to develop a pair of socks that addresses all the concerns we heard from hard working men who are on their feet all day. With a unique blend of materials that actually keeps your feet warm and dry, integrated compression technology that promotes circulation and reduces discomfort and a padded sole, our Thermal Padded Boot Socks are the best tactical socks you can buy for any work, hunting, outdoors or any mission your man might tackle. 


Maxx-Dri Vest 4.0

body armor ventilation cooling vest Maxx dri police

With over 200k daily users world wide, The Maxx-Dri Vest for Body Armor Ventilation, Cooling and Comfort has become a staple for those who wear body armor every day. Designed by a 13 year veteran Police Officer with a background in bio-chemistry, The Maxx-Dri Vest makes wearing body armor a breeze. It offers 360° ventilation and separation which helps keep your undershirt dry. This helps keep you drier, less itchy, more comfortable and less stinky. If your man wears body armor, you know all about that funky body armor odor. With over 18k Five Star Reviews from the Police Officers, First Responders, Security Professionals and even Special Forces Soldiers (some of the harshest critics around), you can trust that The Maxx-Dri Vest for Body Armor Ventilation will help keep your man cooler in the Summer, warmer in the Winter, drier and more comfortable than ever before. When you're more comfortable you're more focused. When you're more focused you're safer. When you're safer, you're more likely to get home to your loved ones alive. To learn more about The Maxx-Dri Vest, read the reviews and see it in action, click the image above.


Gift Card

 221b tactical gift card best tactical holiday gift mens 2020

Not sure which of the awesome things on this list to get your man? Doesn't it all look amazing? We know. And that's why we now offer 221B Tactical Gift Cards. They are the perfect option to let the tactical minded man in your life choose the perfect item him. Whether he's in law enforcement, into hunting or the outdoors, works in a trade or is just working around the house, our uncommon gear is designed to take care of him like nothing else on the market today. Yes, that's right, you won't find our exclusive gear (or anything like it) anywhere else. So rest assured, a 221B Tactical Gift is sure to be like nothing any of his friends may get. It will surely make him the envy of his friends and co-workers. 

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