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The Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves for Riding and Protecting Your Hands

The Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves for Riding and Protecting Your Hands

What's the most important thing when it comes to riding your motorcycle? Your safety! Riding can be incredibly fun and invigorating but can also be extremely dangerous. To mitigate the potential dangers of operating a motorcycle we look for the best gear to protect us and keep us safe. 

Much of this gear is stiff, hot and not very comfortable. However we recognize that it's a necessary evil of sorts if we want to have protection in the event we go down. One of the most important things we want to protect while riding is our hands. 

When we fall we inherently put our hands out to stop our fall. Doing this at high speeds on a motorcycle has some potentially serious consequences if our hands are not adequately protected. Let's face it, we need our hands to do pretty much anything. Serious injury to our hands can lead to a world of problems down the road.

Most motorcycle gloves on the market today offer protection from the standpoint of the material they are made of on the outside; leather. However, in many instances basic leather gloves do not cut it when it comes to protection against road rash, cuts and slashes. The sharp edge of a guardrail will most likely slice clean through most traditional leather gloves. 

That said, what if there was a motorcycle glove that not only gives you the protection you need from the standpoint of being constructed with leather, but also includes a Level 5 cut-resistant liner on the inside of the entire glove? The reality is, sharp metal or glass can cut clean through most leather gloves in an instant. Having a cut resistant liner is key when maximum protection is sought.


And what about protection from the elements? There are many that ride year- round whether it's for commuting to work on your motorcycle, or working as a motor Police Officer. The unexpected rain shower during the Spring and Summer is always on the radar. Wouldn't it be great for a pair of riding gloves to include an ultra thin fluid resistant liner inside? Not only would this keep your hands dry from the elements, but for those who work in law enforcement, public safety or as first responders it could also protect your hands from bodily fluids as well as mechanical fluids at the scenes of motor vehicle crashes.

The perfect riding glove may not exist. But one with a level 5 cut resistant liner, a fluid resistant liner, integrated ventilation, strategically placed reinforcement padding and panels, triple reinforced stitching, touch screen finger tips and maximum dexterity does exist. Click here to check them out ----> MOTO XX

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