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The Best Tactical Jeans for Both Casual and Tactical Missions

The Best Tactical Jeans for Both Casual and Tactical Missions

Everett Bledsoe of The Soldiers Project recently did a review of The 221B Tactical Asset Tactical Jeans. Check out his review below. Thanks Everett for this great review. 

Another one of my favorites is the tactical blue jeans from 221B. The Asset jeans have that straight fit that hugs nicely to my thick thighs and pairs well with any top for that low-key look.

The Advanced Stretch Technology makes these jeans remarkably comfortable to wear in any position. I can crouch, run, or kneel down without worrying about constriction. It’s a relief to have a gusseted crotch as I can manspread without worrying about getting these jeans ripped.

I’m pleasantly surprised to find 13 pockets plotted on these pants. With this number of compartments, I can store almost everything, from wallets to rifle mags and other EDC items, to make me prepared for any situation. Thanks to the Appendix Carry CCW Holder, I can conceal a large gun more easily.

What made me love these jeans is the comfort-stretch rear yoke, which prevents my buttocks from being seen when I bend over. The belt loops are another feature I appreciate. They’re extra-wide to somewhat support a large utility belt and the additional weight of other EDC gear.

Best Tactical Jeans

 Heads-up:  A warning for people with a large waist: the size of the Asset jeans runs a little small.


  • Straight fit goes well on thick thighs; rear yoke prevents plumber’s crack
  • Advanced Stretch Technology offers the proper amount of stretch for flexibility
  • Gusseted crotch prevents jeans from ripping when manspreading
  • Has a total of 13 pockets to fit everything, from EDC to wallets
  • Appendix Carry CCW Holder allows the concealment of huge guns
  • Has loops with extra width to fit large utility belts with extra weight
  • Size runs a bit small

 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the Asset jeans make a low-key tactical garment to get prepared for any situation. These jeans can fit plenty of EDC stuff and even CCW with their 13 pockets.

The Asset Tactical Jeans are frequently sold out (no surprise there), so visit the product page to see if you're lucky enough to grab a pair while your size is in stock. Check them out in the video below. 

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