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What Are Tactical Pants and Why You Need Them

What Are Tactical Pants and Why You Need Them

Just a few years back, tactical pants took the market by storm. As far as most people know, 5.11 was the first to develop a "tactical pant." Truth is, tactical pants have been around for decades. It's not until recently that we've seen a resurgence  in the tactical pant space. With new materials and designs, tactical pants have gone from being worn on the job or on the range to being worn every day.

So what exactly are "tactical pants?" In this article I'm going to answer that question and provide some insight into what to look for in a pair of tactical pants. Whether you're a police officer, security guard or just an EDC or CCW citizen, I'll break down the pros, cons and what to look for so you can make an informed decision when it comes to buying the best tactical pants.

What Are Tactical Pants

Tactical pants are any pair of pants that provide you with features which give you a tactical or strategic advantage in certain situations. This could include features that help you better conceal a weapon. Or it could include features that provide you with better mobility than traditional pants. 

When most people think of tactical pants they think pants with lots of pockets. Truth is, some of the more modern tactical pants are not littered with pockets like the tactical pants from 10 years ago. Lately the trend has been toward pants that don't scream "look at me, I'm a tactical ninja." More subtle tactical pants are now in, and might be here to stay.

Tactical pants can include features like covert pockets, internal CCW holsters built-in, and stretch materials strategically placed for optimal movement.

How To Wear Tactical Pants

How do I wear tactical pants? I actually get this question more often than expected. Truth be told, I think many men purchasing tactical pants have never been in the military or law enforcement and thus are unsure about fit and sizing when it comes to tactical pants. 

My recommendation is to, of course, get pants that fit properly and are not too big. Some guys size-up for comfort reasons when it comes to pants. However, with tactical pants, you want to be sure you have a form-fit so you are not dealing with excess material in places that can hurt your mobility.

Most men wearing tactical pants are more often than not carrying a weapon. Thus, most tactical pants are worn with the shirt tucked out. This allows for your CCW to be concealed appropriately. If you're looking to tuck your shirt in, you most likely can go with a traditional pair of pants. 

How To Choose The Tactical Pants That Are Best For You

Choosing the best tactical pants for you simply comes down to one thing; your purpose. Why are you wearing tactical pants in the first place? Are you carrying a concealed weapon? Are you a professional that needs to be ready for anything? These are the first questions I ask when speaking to someone about tactical pants. 

If you're a weekend warrior that's simply looking to be prepared for anything, you more than likely don't need tactical pants with 37 pockets. However, if you're in any sort of law enforcement or security role, you just might need those 37 pockets to carry gear, weapons and other items. 

If you're working on the job, wearing overt tactical pants is completely acceptable. However, if you are simply taking your family to the mall, you may want to go with a more subdued look. Keep that in mind when choosing the tactical pants which are best for you. Go with what you need, more so than what "looks" tactical. 

Hopefully this gave you a bit of insight into how to choose the best tactical pants for your needs. Check out options for some of the best tactical pants on the market by clicking here.


About the author: 

Suresh Madhavan is a 13 year law enforcement veteran. After a decorated career in law enforcement he now holds the role of CEO of 221B Tactical; a company he founded while still a Police Officer. Suresh graduated Pre-Med from University but decided to enter law enforcement following 9/11. His company now focuses on inventing tactical gear that does not exist to help those on the front lines be safer and more comfortable. His flagship invention, The Maxx-Dri Vest for body armor ventilation is worn by over 200,000 Police Officers, Military Personnel and Operators around the world. 

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