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Why You Overeat and How To Stop Overeating - Best Weight Loss Hack Revealed

Why You Overeat and How To Stop Overeating - Best Weight Loss Hack Revealed

If you've ever felt bloated and like you needed to take a nap following a on.

Overeating is a common daily occurrence for so many Americans. Some blame it on the over-sized portions we are served here in the U.S. Others blame it on the accessibility to large amounts of heavily processed fast foods. But the one thing that most overlook when talking about overeating is the one thing that is scarce in many of our lives and that we seem to always be looking for more of: Time.

Now you might be thinking, "what in the world does time have to do with how much food I put in my mouth at a single sitting?" And the answer is, EVERYTHING. You see, when you feel like you are crunched for time (which is almost a constant feeling for most of us) you tend to do things at an accelerated rate. Most of the time we are doing it subconsciously because our bodies are on autopilot.

Add to this the all the distractions in our daily lives and you create what I call "the perfect overeating storm." That's right; being distracted while you are eating is a major contributor to Americans overeating. How? Because when you are physically not focused on how much you are eating as you are scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or some other platform, you are literally losing track of your food intake. But this is a whole other story for an entirely different blog. Back to time...

When you eat, it takes a certain amount of time for your brain to tell you that you are full. The example I give for this that most anyone can understand is filling your vehicle up with gas. If you've ever watched the needle of your fuel gauge as gas was pumping into your car, you've probably noticed that the handle clicks and the pump stops fueling but the needle of the fuel gauge keeps going for a few seconds before it hits the F (or 1/1 for our friends across the pond) on the gauge.

You see, the fuel was pumping into your vehicle's gas tank faster than the fuel gauge could process the amount of fuel being pumped into the tank. The fuel nozzle handle clicks off when it senses the fuel tank is full. But it takes a 10-15 more seconds for the fuel gauge to catch up and recognize the tank is now full. But what happens if the pump doesn't automatically click off? That's end up with gas overflowing out of the fill port and pouring out onto the ground. At some point, everyone has had this happen to them or has seen it happen to somebody else. Right?

Now, if you were to look at your fuel gauge in one of these overflow scenarios, you'd notice that at the point fuel was spilling out of the tank and on to the ground, the needle may not have hit the F just yet. (NOTE: This literally happened to me when I first started driving, back when fuel nozzle shut-off technology was lacking). I was sitting in my car watching my fuel gauge as my tank was being filled up. The needle on my fuel gauge was at about 3/4 of a tank when I noticed fuel was spilling out on to the ground. The gauge was not able to keep up with the rate at which fuel was being pumped into the tank. 

When you are eating at an accelerated rate (like tens of millions of Americans do at virtually every meal) the same exact thing happens. You are pumping food into your body at a faster rate than your brain (fuel gauge) can keep up with. The end result is you overflow (OVEREAT) your tank before your brain can tell you that you're full (or your tank is on F). It's not until 10+ minutes later that you actually FEEL full (your brain, aka fuel gauge, catches up). But by then, you've overflowed your tank (with food) and you have fuel spilling out onto the ground (you feel bloated, have a distended abdomen and feel like you're going to explode).

So what are the two surefire ways to prevent overeating and thus prevent unwanted weight gain? Stay tuned to our emails this month to find out.

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