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Police Officer Invents Thin Cold Weather Winter Patrol Gloves That Actually Keep Your Hands and Fingers Warm and Dry

Police Officer Invents Thin Cold Weather Winter Patrol Gloves That Actually Keep Your Hands and Fingers Warm & Dry

What's the worst part about most any winter glove you've tried using while at home or while at work on patrol as a police officer?

If you said, "the gloves getting wet" you hit the nail on the head. While working outside in the winter elements, there's nothing worse than your gloves getting wet and then moments later your hands and fingers going number because they too are now wet.

Many gloves on the market today have labels indicating that they are "Water Proof." However, as many of you know, once these gloves are exposed to water or wet weather for any extended period of time, your hands end up cold and wet. How does this happen, you might ask. The answer is simple; lack of quality craftsmanship and materials.

Now, what's the difference between waterproof and water resistant gloves? Well, in reality, water proof essentially means you can submerge the gloves in water and your hands will stay dry. Water resistant means that your gloves can withstand rain, snow, sleet and maybe even momentary hits from a water source such as a hose. But most anything beyond this for any extended period of time will result in a breakdown.

The truth of the matter is, if you want a glove that is truly "water resistant" it must feature a full internal water resistant lining. This way, no matter where the water is coming from, your hands will remain dry for an extended period of time. Many gloves feature a "water repellent" outer layer. However, over time, this breaks down and allows water to penetrate through to the inside of the glove.


Having had this happen to him one too many times while on patrol as a police officer, Suresh Madhavan, Founder and CEO of 221B Tactical, decided it was time to put a stop to the madness. Madhavan, a veteran law enforcement officer who spent 13 years on the job knew that there had to be a better solution to gloves that were thin enough to allow for dexterity, but also warm enough to keep your hands and fingers from freezing. Additionally, there had to be a way to keep your hands from getting wet should your gloves get wet. 

After years of testing and development, Madhavan was able to develop a cold weather winter glove that is not only thin and warm but also waterproof... a true game changer, especially in the police and first responder glove world. Add to it high-grip technology on the palms and touch screen finger tips which allow you to use your smart phone or tablet without taking your gloves off, and you have what some have called "...the best winter gloves on the planet."

Today The Agent Gloves 2.0 Elite are used by not only police officers, emts and other first responders around the world, but also cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, runners, postal workers, delivery drivers and many more who work out in the elements (rain, sleet, snow) all winter long. The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee on every single pair of gloves they sell. To see and learn more about these incredible new gloves, click the link below.


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