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The Best New Search Gloves For Police Officers and Tactical Patrol - Now Available In All Black

The Best New Search Gloves For Police Officers and Tactical Patrol - Now Available In All Black

One of the biggest concerns for police officers and first responders while on the job is protecting their hands. Sadly most all black search gloves on the market today do not offer adequate protection (like being cut resistant or needle stick resistant). Add to that the fact that many glove manufacturers are now using the cheapest materials possible to save on production costs. The end result of this is gloves that fall apart, sometimes within weeks of purchase. 

Another major issue with search gloves for police officers on patrol is dexterity. There are many gloves out there today that tout cut protection and needle protection. However, while wearing said gloves, officers cannot feel small objects, have little to no dexterity and most important (for many officers) is that they do not allow you to use the touch screen of your smart phone.

Suresh Madhavan, a 13 year law enforcement veteran, noticed this issue in the marketplace and decided something had to be done about it. This is what lead him to design the now world-renowned Guardian Gloves.

The Guardian Gloves are one of many in a line of safety and protective gloves developed by Madhavan himself to help police officers, first responders and military soldiers be safer while on the job. By utilizing proprietary materials sourced from around the world, Madhavan was able to design search gloves that don't just offer superior protection against cuts, slashes, abrasions, bodily fluids and needles, but also offer unmatched dexterity to feel small items during a search and even fire a weapon.

Designing a glove of this caliber was no easy task. However, with the right materials and over a decade of experience on the streets searching people and vehicles, Madhavan was able to bring to life the gloves that he and his co-workers had always wished for while they were conducting searches on patrol.

With an athletic fit similar to football wide receivers gloves or baseball batters gloves, knuckle protection and touch screen technology to use your smart phone and in-car computers screens, the 221B Tactical line of safety and protection gloves and gear remain unmatched in the tactical gear market today. That is why they are trusted by police agencies and military units around the world.

If you're looking for the best police gloves or black search gloves for the job or for every day civilian use, you might want to take a serious look at these incredibly well built and well designed search gloves.

Click the link to learn more about these black police search gloves!

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