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The Dangers Of Wearing Body Armor & How Police Officers, Military Personnel, and Prison Guards Can Avoid Them

The Dangers Of Wearing Body Armor & How Police Officers, Military Personnel, and Prison Guards Can Avoid Them!

You wear your body armor on the job or while on duty to help protect yourself in the event you are shot. However, statistically, your chances or getting a serious (potentially fatal) bacterial skin infection from wearing your vest are far greater than getting shot. Crazy... Right?

Every year thousands of Police Officers & Military Personnel are diagnosed with painful, itchy rashes and skin infections. At times these rashes and infections can get so bad that wearing body armor can be unbearable. But where do these rashes and dangerous skin infections like impetigo come from. The answer is shocking to most.

When you sweat while wearing a t-shirt (or no shirt at all) your sweat has the ability to evaporate into the atmosphere. However, when you sweat while wearing body armor, your perspiration is trapped and has nowhere to go. This leads to your body armor vest absorbing the majority of your sweat. But this is just the start of the story...

Since there is no air flow and no way for your sweat to evaporate into the atmosphere while wearing body armor, all that moisture remains trapped in your body armor vest. Over time, this breeds bacteria. This bacteria is the root of that oh-so-familiar odor that most every Police Officer knows and loves; body armor funk.

So what's the answer? How can a Police Officer wearing body armor avoid the dangers of potential skin rashes and infections? 

A revolutionary product that provides exactly what is needed to prevent the build up of odor-causing bacteria; separation and air flow!

Invented by a Police Officer who spent 13 years on the job suffering while wearing body armor, The Maxx-Dri Vest for body armor ventilation, cooling and comfort helps eliminate the root cause of the dreaded body armor funk and the corresponding bacteria. It does so by providing a layer of air between your body armor and your base-layer shirt. allowing moisture to escape while preventing sweat from soaking into your body armor. This not only helps keep you cooler, cleaner, drier and fresher, but also helps maintain the integrity of your body armor.

The Maxx-Dri body armor cooling vest for body armor ventilation and comfort is trusted by police agencies in all 50 states as well as 33 countries around the world. It was also tested by The NTOA and US Military and is now available to our troops via the United States GSA.

If you suffer from painful, itchy rashes and skin infections caused by wearing body armor and are sick and tired of that God awful body armor stench, it might be time you took a look at the product invented by a police officer, now being used by (at the time of this writing) nearly 200k police officers and soldiers around the world!



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