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The Best Gloves To Protect Your Hands Against Needles! Safety First - As You Help Fight The Opioid Crisis!

The Best Gloves To Protect Your Hands Against Needles! Safety First - As You Help Fight The Opioid Crisis!

One of the scariest things which can happen to us while on the job is getting stuck by a needle. Whether it's during a pat down, search of suspect, bag or vehicle, getting stuck by a needle is a primary concern of nearly every police officer on patrol. 

But in today's world, the threat of getting stuck by a needle is not reserved for those in law enforcement. Prison guards, those who work in rehabilitation facilities/centers and even hospital janitorial staff are concerned with the threat of a potential needle stick during the course of their duties. 

In years past, the threat of getting stuck by a dirty needle while on the job had been something most didn't even think about. Needle stick injuries were few and far between. But today, with the proliferation of IV drug use, police officers and civilian workers alike are being exposed to needles on a daily basis. 

"These gloves have saved my hands twice since purchasing them. One of the best investments of my police career" - Officer Brandon R.

So how does one protect their hands against needle pricks in this day and age? Over the years many companies have tried their hand (pun intended) at designing gloves that offer protection against needle sticks. Unfortunately, due to limitations in materials and poor design, these gloves were almost unbearable to wear. They were bulky, stiff and offered nearly zero dexterity to manipulate and feel small items.

Recognizing this concern, 221B Tactical Founder and CEO Suresh Madhavan (13 year law enforcement veteran) decided to do something about it. Utilizing his background in design and the sciences, as well as the connections his business partners had in the textile world, Madhavan was able to develop a needle resistant glove like nothing the world had ever seen before.

"The needle resistant gloves which were on the market while I was an officer were just downright awful" said Madhavan. "They were so uncomfortable nobody, myself included, wanted to wear them. And therein lied the problem. By utilizing new, state-of-the-art materials and design elements, I was able to create the best pair of needle resistant gloves for police officers and civilians alike, which were as comfortable as they are beautiful"

221B Tactical launched their first needle resistant Hero Gloves in 2017... And instantly they became a global hit with Police Officers, EMTs, and Opioid Clinics around the world! 

In September of 2019 221B updated their materials and design and launched the Hero Gloves 2.0 and 2.0 SL (Super Light). The new Hero Gloves 2.0 and 2.0 SL are 10% lighter than their predecessor, feature a softer, more supple leather for improved dexterity and offer full leather construction (versus the original version which were a blend of leather and polyester). 

If your health and safety is important to you, there's no reason you should not have the proper safety gear to protect yourself. With the comfort and protection these gloves offer at such an affordable price, there's literally no reason anyone should be exposing themselves to the risk of getting stuck by a dirty needle while at work. To learn more about these gloves, click the link below...




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