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Gear Up With The Ultimate Assault Pack - Our New Backpack For Your Tactical Gear

Gear Up With The Ultimate Assault Pack - Our New Backpack For Your Tactical Gear

The problem when it comes to tactical bags, backpacks and assault packs is that there are just too many on the market today to choose from... And while many of these bags “look” cool and claim to be different from the rest, when it comes down to it, they are for the most part all the same.
So what features and functionality must a bag have to make it the best tactical bag on the market?
Well for starters, it should be more than just a bag or backpack. By this we mean it should do more than just hold your stuff. Let’s face it, any bag with zippers, pouches and pockets can hold your gear. But “how” a bag holds your gear is critical.
Another key factor to consider when choosing the perfect tactical bag or backpack for duty, patrol or everyday civilian use is wearability. It’s important for a bag to have the ability to be deployed and worn multiple ways. Why? Because every situation you encounter is fluid and different. The right tactical bag or assault pack should offer you a variety of options for donning and deployment.
Adaptability is crucial when planning a trip or preparing for a mission. So shouldn’t your bag be able to adapt as well? The ideal tactical bag should not only be able to expand but also grow. The ability to add additional storage without compromising functionality is key.
Having the ability to carry everyday essentials is a must and is something most common bags on the market today offer. But what about the ability to carry items that could save your life? Some bags today offer the ability to carry an armored panel. But what about your weapon (or backup weapon) that keeps you in the fight?
The best bag on the market should surely feature a covert compartment for your CCW that’s easy to access, just like The Ultimate Assault Pack!
The Ultimate Assault Pack costs half as much as other bags and has twice as many features and tactical functionality then those ordinary bags! With the ability to be worn as a backpack or reversible sling bag and discretely carry armor and a CCW, The Ultimate Assault Pack is so much more than your average tactical bag.

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