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Needle-stick / cut-resistant search gloves help protect Police Officers during the current Heroin epidemic

Needle-stick / cut-resistant search gloves help protect Police Officers during the current Heroin epidemic

According to the DEA, the current Heroin epidemic is quite possibly worse than it has ever been in the country's history. And it's police officers and first responders on the streets that are being forced to deal with the threats related to this growing problem every single day. 

The reality is, the greatest dangers police officers on the street today face isn't's dirty, infected needles. Reports show that approximately 1 in 50,000 police officers is killed by a firearm annually. This alone is a disturbing figure. But what is even more alarming is that a recent study by The American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that 1 in 3 police officers will suffer needle-stick wounds while on the job. 

Police agencies across the country issue officers body armor to help protect their officers from gun shots. Now many are asking why, when the danger of getting stuck by a dirty needle is so much greater, are they not also issuing their officers needle-stick resistant gloves?? Armor for their hands!

Reports show that roughly 70% of injection drug users have Hepatitis C. Additionally, 9% of all new HIV cases are a result of needle sharing. With figures like this, the chances of a police officer getting stuck by an infected needle while on the job is disturbingly high. 

In the event a police officer is stuck by a needle while on the job, they must undergo a series of blood tests and take a battery of medications for months on end which some officers have likened to going through chemotherapy. Add to that the mental and psychological anguish these officers (and their families) experience during this time, not knowing if they've been infected with a deadly disease or virus, and it is no surprise that some officers say they would rather get shot in the arm than get stuck by a dirty, infected needle. 

It is because of this, precisely, that 13 year Veteran Police Officer, Suresh Madhavan, decided something had to be done to help protect his brothers and sister in blue. The Thin Blue Line Police Family is one like none other. Officers put their lives on the line every day protecting the citizens of their jurisdictions. They also put their lives on the line for each other, backing each other up and looking after each other while on patrol. 

Madhavan, who founded and now holds the position of CEO at New York Based 221B Tactical, developed The Hero Gloves based on his 13 years of experience while on patrol. He had encountered numerous subjects with needles during his time on patrol. In fact, an officer he attended the police academy with got stuck by a needle while on the job and it ultimately ended his career. 

The one thing Madhavan (and many officers) never liked about his search gloves was how bulky they were. In fact, he likened them to wearing welding gloves. The Hero Gloves incorporate a proprietary blend of fabrics and materials which not only protect your hands from needle-sticks but also edged weapons. Madhavan realized that threats from knives and razors are also very common to police officers as well as jail guards and he did not want to leave that concern out while developing The Hero Gloves. But most importantly, the unique design and blend of materials lead to a fit like none other. 

What police officers and corrections officers working in jails love most about the gloves though is the fit! By designing and incorporating a new cut pattern for the gloves, Madhavan was finally able to develop a needle-stick resistant glove that you can actually feel objects with while conducting a search and even fire a weapon, should the need arise.

Thousands of police officers and corrections officers have already sung the praises of the needle-stick resistant Hero Gloves. Finally, they feel like their hands are truly protected without compromising their safety. 


. And can actually feel things during a search with them on.

The Hero Gloves are clearly a game-changer for Police Officers across the country and around the world. "With the opioid and Heroin epidemic spreading across the globe, our heroes on the front lines need to be protected and taken care of" says Madhavan. And thus far, it appears The Hero Gloves are the best defense for police officers and first responders when it comes to battling the dangers of the needle-sticks during this unprecedented Heroin epidemic. 

Madhavan also announced that 221B Tactical has already begun fulfilling Hero Glove orders for entire police agencies and correctional facilities. Any agencies interested in purchasing this armor for the hands of their officers should contact the company directly for discounted pricing. 



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