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The Best Plate Carrier For Police, Law Enforcement and Private Security is Now Available For Civilians

The Best Plate Carrier For Police, Law Enforcement and Private Security is Now Available For Civilians

Times are changing. The world as we know it is vastly different from what it was just one year ago. And as we know, in order to survive, we must adapt to and with the changes or potentially suffer the consequences. The ultimate consequence, of course, is losing our life.

With everything going on in our country these days, more and more people are exploring ways in which they can better protect themselves during these uncertain and crazy times. Gun permit applications are through the roof.  First-time gun ownership numbers are at an all time high. Guns and ammunition are harder to find than toilet paper. And body armor sales are through the roof. 

Most civilians have never been in the military and have never worked in law enforcement. However, many are now looking into purchasing body armor for obvious reasons; they want to have protection for themselves, their family and their loved ones in the event of an emergency or a threat.

The thing is, for those that have never worn body armor before, it can be an eye-opening experience. The bulkiness, the weight, the discomfort and the lack of breathability of body armor vests comes as a shock to most that put on body armor for the very first time. And this is all with simply trying it on. Most can't imagine having to don a ballistic bullet resistant vest or plate carrier for 8-12 hours. 

This is precisely why I designed The 221B Tactical Phantom Plate Carrier. Unlike any other plate carrier on the market today, The Phantom Plate Carrier is constructed with our 100% breathable, patented Maxx-Dri technology. This not only makes the plate carrier ultra-breathable but also makes is weigh 50% less than traditional police and military plate carriers commonly sold to civilians and homeowners alike. 

One of the most important features of The Phantom Plate Carrier is how easy it is to get on and off. As stated, most people were never in the military or law enforcement. So I wanted to create a truly simple and minimalist design that was easy enough for a child to figure out. With familiar and easy to use side-release buckles and easy-adjust pull straps (commonly found on backpacks and other everyday gear), The Phantom Plate Carrier literally goes on and adjusts to your body within seconds. No need to remove cummerbunds or shoulder straps to get that proper fit. 

The Phantom Plate Carrier comes equipped with molle and velcro front and back for those wishing to add additional pouches or identification patches. This is key for those who would like to carry first aid kits (IFAK) or items such as tourniquets as part of their kit. And of course the molle allows for the addition of mag pouches for those with weapons that are seeking to carry additional ammunition. 

If you are new to the body armor scene and are looking for something comfortable, affordable and easy to use, The Phantom Plate Carrier was made for you. If you are some sort of high level, SWAT or Navy Seal type individual (or at least think you are) then this plate carrier may not be "ninja" enough for you. But if you're looking to keep it super simple with a high-quality piece of gear that you'll have for life (comes with a limited lifetime warranty), click the link below.

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