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The Most Important Thing I Learned About Diet and Nutrition Working Shift Work Is To Never Be "On A Diet"

The Most Important Thing I Learned About Diet and Nutrition Working Shift Work Is To Never Be "On A Diet"

Many people always ask me how I was able to maintain my body weight and lean muscle while working nights and shift work as a full time police officer. So many were shocked that I had the same size pants at year 13 that I did the day I graduated the police academy.

Most people would ask, "what diet are you on?" Needless to say, everyone is surprised when I tell them that "I'm NOT on a diet...I'm living a lifestyle." Whether it is weight loss goals or financial freedom goals, in order to achieve any significant long term results, you cannot just make a plan; you must create a lifestyle. 

Let me start by sharing a quick story. Some time ago I was with a friend of a friend who previously suffered from alcoholism. At the time he was about 6 months clean and sober. While out at a mutual friend's house, he was offered a drink (by someone who didn't know his situation). He responded, "No thank you...I'm trying to cut back." This response was met with all kinds of comments and resistance from many people who were standing around him at the time. None of them knew his situation or his previous struggles so they couldn't really be blamed. 

Fast forward a few weeks and I was in a near identical situation except this time the recovering alcoholic was the sister of a long time friend. She too was about 6-9 months sober at this time. Once again, she was offered a cocktail by an unknowing party. Her response: "No thank you, I don't drink." Once again there were multiple people standing around yet, unlike the previous incident, not a single person made a comment. The difference in the responses was incredible. 

Did you catch the difference? It was ever so slight yet completely changed the response from those around us. The difference in the language and tone of the spoken words of each individual was so powerful. This was the difference that made the difference. And it's the difference that will change your life if you're serious about your nutrition and weight-loss goals. 

That said, a few years ago I changed my mindset around my fitness (and financial) goals. Rather than following a "diet" to get in shape and stay in shape I made the decision to instead make what I needed to do to achieve my goals my "lifestyle." This decision would come to change my entire life in so many ways. 

In the video above I outline what is now part of my daily nutrition. This is not a diet. This is not a fad. This is not the latest diet craze on social media. It IS my lifestyle. Now, will it work for everyone? No. Once again, this is MY lifestyle. This means it may not work for you. However, most everyone I've shared it with HAS reported phenomenal results. 

This lifestyle has helped me maintain lean muscle mass, high energy levels and focus during my time as a first responder and today as a busy CEO and entrepreneur. And yes, I even follow this as I travel across the country and around the world training with various individuals and organizations.

Check it out, take notes, and let me know if you have any questions. I'm here to help. And for even more insight, be sure you're part of the 221B Tactical Sheepdog Nexxus. That's our private platform where we share all the best of the best of our content; training, gear reviews, interviews, name it. All available to you 24/7 from the comfort of your phone. Nothing is ever taken down for "violating community guidelines." No "shadow banning." Just the information you want and need to be a better asset every single day. 

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