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What's the best tactical flashlight for police officers & K9 tracking on patrol as well as home defense?

What's the best tactical flashlight for police officers & K9 tracking on patrol as well as home defense?

The debate over which company produces the best tactical flashlights has been going on for years. And, in fact, in recent years it's only gotten more fierce as more and more companies have come onto the scene and entered the tactical flashlight game. Surefire, OLight, and HiLight have risen to the top as of late and don't seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

For police officers, first responders and those in the military and security space, having a reliable light that's small but also bright (lumens) is key. But the concern arises when one has to go hands on. Whether you're a police officer that has to go hands on with a suspect, a paramedic that has to go hands on with a patient or a soldier that has to go hands on during a mission, having both hands free is optimal and, at times, critical.

In recent years tactical flashlights have gotten smaller and smaller and brighter and brighter. However this still hasn't solved the issue of having to hold a light in your hand while doing a demanding and, at times, dangerous job. 

Some of us resort to tucking the light in our armpit. Others resort to pinning the light between their shoulder and neck. And although ill advised, I've seen some EMTs and paramedics stick their light in their mouth and hold it there while working on a patient. Seeing this would literally make me cringe. Truth be told, I've seen a plumber, HVAC technician, tow truck driver and mechanic do the same thing.

Now some people have the luxury of using a headlamp. But any cop will tell you that using a headlamp and having a beacon on your head as a target is completely out of the question. In my 13 years as a police officer, I never saw a single first responder utilizing a headlamp...ever. That tells you something. 

Speaking to K-9 handlers and officers, they'll tell you all about their frustrations with having to hold a flashlight in their hand while working a dog. Heck even a civilian walking a dog at night will tell you how much of a pain having to hold a flashlight is.

So what's the resolve? There are countless situations and scenarios during which we need light. Lights have gotten smaller and brighter. But the problem still remains of having to fumble around with a light in your hand...until now.

After 13 years of having to deal with this very issue while on patrol as a police officer working night shift, I decided to do something about it. After years of testing and development, I was able to invent something that eliminates the need to hold a flashlight your hand. Little did I know that is would literally change the lives of police officers, first responders and everyday homeowners and civilians around the world. 

Sometimes the solutions to difficult problems are elementary. Now, one has the ability to have the benefits of a small and powerful flashlight without having to hold one in their hands...keeping both your hands free and ready for any task or situation. Whether it's handcuffing or searching a subject/vehicle, on a foot pursuit, working a dog, assembling gear or simply conducting everyday task, you won't believe the joy, ease and comfort you'll experience by no longer having to hold a light in your hand.


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