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New Thermal & Water-Resistant Equinoxx Gloves 2.0

New Thermal & Water-Resistant Equinoxx Gloves 2.0

It seems like every winter I find myself trying yet another pair of winter gloves in an effort to keep my hands WARM & DRY while on patrol.  You all know how miserable it is working in foul weather to begin with; couple that with having wet, freezing hands while you're out there... makes it much worse for working your shift.

After spending 12 winters on the job here in the northeast I can't tell you how many pairs of winter gloves I've gone through. The gloves that I tried over the years, most by BIG name outdoors companies, did a decent job of keeping my hands warm....until they got WET!! Just that little bit of moisture from either knocking snow off my patrol car, putting out or picking up traffic cones on an accident scene in the rain/snow, or simply directing traffic in the rain/snow and not only were the gloves wet; so were MY HANDS!

I gave up trying to find gloves that would keep my hands warm & dry and just got used to the routine of having to throw my gloves up on the dashboard of my patrol car and blast the heat to the windshield to dry them out.  At times, when my fingers were also frozen, I would alternate the heat between the windshield to dry out my gloves and the dashboard vents to thaw out my fingers.  Of course in the winter time when I'm all bundled up on patrol, this lead to turning my car into an oven and nearly sweating to death.... all because my gloves failed to keep my hands warm & dry!  If you're laughing right now as you read this.... you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!
Building on the success of our original Equinoxx Gloves, we listened to your feedback to improve their design & function; creating The Equinoxx Gloves 2.0!

  • 3M Thinsulate and Hipora-Lined Waterproof Thermal Insulation Gloves 
  • Water-resistant and Windproof to keep your hands protected from the elements
  • Extended wrist cuff for added protection
  • Breathable
  • 2-layer insulation for exceptional warmth
  • Soft inner lining
  • Upgraded, double non-slip grip material
  • Velcro strap closure with 221B Tactical logo which makes for easy loosening and tightening
  • Amazing warmth and breathability
  • Water-resistant
  • Wind-proof
  • Your hands will stay warm and dry
  • Great for first responders, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Index fingers have slim design to help shoot a long gun

Many cops, like myself, are skeptical to believe what they read, no matter how compelling the narrative may be.  That is precisely why I created the short video below; to walk you through the new features and illustrate how amazing these gloves truly are! 

I specifically designed The Equinoxx Gloves 2.0 to stand up to the rigors of daily Winter or Cold Weather patrol use.  We also integrated features from our Exxtremity Gloves into The Equinoxx Gloves so that you can enjoy the benefits of hands-free lighting while on the job.  This comes in handy while directing traffic and conducting many other patrol activities in the winter months.  But MOST importantly, I designed The Equinoxx Gloves to not only keep your hands warm....but also DRY!
The Equinoxx Gloves 2.0 are 100% water-resistant and are available in 3 colors!

What matters most when you purchase an innovative product, is that it actually WORKS as advertised!  I have personally purchased MANY gloves over the past 12 years that have claimed to be "waterproof" but were the farthest thing from it!
So if you're like me and tired of cold, wet hands in the winter... 
Treat them well with The Equinoxx Gloves 2.0


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